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NCSH Lesson 14

Words about Music

lyric the words of a song
melody the main part of a song or piece of music
note a specific musical tone
rhythm a regular, repeated pattern of sounds
tune a series of musical notes that produce a pleasing sound
anthem a type of song that shows loyalty or praise
ballad a type of song that is slow and about love; a type of poem that tells a story
choir a group of singers
concert a performance of music
hymn a type of song that is religious
orchestra a group of musicians playing music together led by a conductor
symphony a type of song that is played by an orchestra and is classical music
instrument a tool or device used for a purpose; a tool used to play music
accordion an instrument that is shaped like a box and has keys at the end
cello a string instrument held by a musician who sits and uses a bow to move the strings
flute a woodwind instrument that sounds very light
harp a string instrument that stands on its own and is played by plucking the strings
saxophone a brass instrument that is longer and plays a deeper sound
trumpet a brass instrument that has three buttons and has a loud sound
violin a string instrument that is held under the chin and played with a bow
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