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TTM C8 Vocab

Vocabulary Words for Chapter 8 of The Time Machine

ragged having an edge or surface that is not straight or even
facing a layer of material that is placed on the surface or front of something to improve its appearance
down an undulating, usually treeless, upland with not very much soil
estuary an area where a river flows into the sea
character a graphic symbol (as in a hieroglyph or alphabet letter) used in writing or printing
affection feeling of liking and caring for someone or something
valves each half of a folding or double door
customary usual or typical; based on or established by custom
array a large group or number of things
miscellaneous including many things of different kinds
shrouded covered, as though with a cloth that is used to wrap a dead body
gaunt very thin and angular, usually because of illness or suffering; plain and unpleasant in appearance; desolate and gloomy
oblique slanted; not direct; not stated directly
Megatherium a prehistoric, elephant-sized sloth
Brontosaurus a very large dinosaur that had a long neck and tail
airtight tightly sealed so that no air can get in or out
preservation the state of being kept in original or good condition; kept safe from harm or loss; prevented from decaying
latter-day regarded as a modern version of someone or something from the past
South Kensington The former natural history museum in London. It's now become the V&A, which is a museum of design.
Palaeontological related to the science that deals with the fossils of animals and plants that lived very long ago, especially in the time of dinosaurs
fossils things (such as leaves, skeletons, or footprints) that are from plants or animals which lived in ancient times and that you can see in some rocks
staved off fend off; ward off; hold off; to prevent
sureness certainty, certainness
bodily as an entire structure rather than in pieces
deadened made weaker or less noticeable
sea urchin a small sea animal that lives on the ocean floor and is covered in sharp spines
ancient of, coming from, or belonging to a time that was long ago in the past
monument a building or place that is important because of when it was built or because of something in history that happened there
spectacle a very impressive show; something that attracts attention because it is very unusual or very shocking
geology a science that studies rocks, layers of soil, etc., in order to learn about the history of the Earth and its life
minerals substances (such as quartz, coal, petroleum, salt, etc.) that are naturally formed under the ground
sulphur a yellow chemical element that has a strong, unpleasant odor when it is burned and that is used in making paper, gunpowder, medicine, etc. The American spelling uses an "f" instead of a "ph"
gunpowder a dry explosive substance (potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur) that is used in guns and to break open sections of rock or earth for mining, building roads, etc.
saltpeter a white powder (potassium nitrate) that exists naturally in some soils and that is used especially as a fertilizer, in medicine, and to make gunpowder
nitrates a chemical compound that contains oxygen and nitrogen and that is used in fertilizer (and explosives)
doubtless without doubt or with very little doubt
deliquesced dissolved or melted away
shriveled dry, wrinkled, and smaller from heat, cold, or old age
desiccated dried up, drained
mummies bodies embalmed or treated for burial with preservatives in the manner of the ancient Egyptians
spirit the liquid containing ethanol and water that is distilled from an alcoholic liquid or mash (Basically, alcohol for preserving purposes)
patent obvious or clear
readjustments constant changes to fix something
proportions the relationship between the different dimensions of something
ill-lit not lit very well
globes round objects
bulks large sizes
linger stay somewhere beyond the usual or expected time
area Houses in Victorian London were built with a basement that was half-underground, and between the house and the street, there was a pit fenced off with a staircase so you could get directly down to the basement from the outside.
intent showing concentration or great attention
diminution the act or process of becoming less
even having a flat, smooth, or level surface; not having breaks or bumps
academic of or relating to schools and education; having no practical importance; not involving or relating to anything real or practical
signal box a building where the controls for switching train tracks are located
whimper make a quiet crying sound
rejoined came together with something again
mace a club used as a weapon
sufficient having or providing as much as is needed; enough
encounter meet someone without expecting or intending to
disinclination feeling of not wanting to do something; tendency to avoid a particular activity
slake satisfy; quench
brutes cruel, rough, or violent people; beasts; brutal people
chapel a small church or room in a church used for prayer and services
charred burned slightly or partly; scorched
semblance being somewhat like something but not truly or fully the same thing
warped twisted or curved when it is usually flat or straight
clasps devices for holding together objects or parts of something (such as a purse, necklace, belt, etc.)
literary of or relating to literature; used in literature; having a lot of knowledge about literature; known for reading or writing books
moralized expressed beliefs about what is good behavior and what is bad behavior; said what the point or moral that should be taken from the situation is
ambition a particular goal or aim; something that a person hopes to do or achieve; a desire to be successful, powerful, or famous; a desire to do things and be active
Philosophical Transactions The world’s first scientific journal, founded in 1665. In 1886, so much scientific knowledge was being discovered and published, that they had to split the journal into a life science edition and a physical science edition. It still exists today.
optics the science that studies light and the way it affects and is affected by other things
technical relating to the practical use of machines or science in industry, medicine, etc.
composite made of different parts or elements
cancan a woman's dance of French origin that involves kicking the legs while holding up the front of a full skirt
tail coat a formal jacket that is worn by a man and that has a short front and a long back which divides into two pieces
permitted allowed
immemorial from a time so long ago that it cannot be remembered
fortunate coming or happening because of good luck
unlikelier even less likely
camphor a tough gummy volatile aromatic crystalline compound C10H16O obtained especially from the wood and bark of the camphor tree and used as a liniment and mild topical analgesic in medicine, as a plasticizer, and as an insect repellent
hermetically closed tightly so that no air can go in or out
paraffin a soft, waxy substance that is usually made from petroleum or coal and is used in candles and other products
accordingly in a way that suits the facts, needs, or requirements of a situation; as a result
volatile likely to change in a very sudden or extreme way
sepia a reddish-brown color; a picture, photograph or print made in this color
Belemnite a prehistoric cuttlefish, which is where we get sepia ink
perished ceased to exist
inflammable capable of being set on fire and of burning quickly
elated very happy and excited
crowbar a metal bar that has a thin flat edge at one end and is used to open or lift things
cartridges tubes which you put into a gun and which contain a bullet and explosive material
powder gunpowder
idols statues of gods
yielding giving up and not resisting anymore
irresistible impossible to resist especially because of strength or attractiveness
impulse a sudden strong desire to do something
steatite a massive talc having a grayish-green or brown color; soapstone
particularly more than usually
lignite a type of coal
tin-mine a place where people mine tin, a soft, shiny, bluish-white metal that has many different uses
dynamite a powerful explosive that is often used in the form of a stick
Eureka A Greek expression which means “I have found it!” frequently used for scientific discoveries.
essay trial; test
dummies imitations, copies, or likenesses of something used as a substitute
proved turned out to be
Created by: MsSchmidt
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