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Vocabulary Health Watch

sore (adjective) painful, causing pain
ache (noun) a pain that does not stop quickly
stiff difficult to bend; painful to move
upset feeling emotional (not in a good way)
AN upset stomach a bad feeling in the abdomen
heartburn a hot feeling in the chest
THE chills a feeling of being cold (or afraid)
dosage the amount of medicine to take
patient (noun) a sick or injured person (or animal)
physician doctor, Dr.
over-the-counter sold in stores, bought off a shelf
prescription a doctor's note for a patient to get medicine
pharmacy drug store
pharmacist person who fills prescriptions
refill a new supply of medicine
expiration date the time to put something in the trash
prescription medicine you can get ONLY with a doctor's order
temporarily for a short time
because of due to
reduce make less; "bring down"
relieve make better- lessen pain
a rash spots (usually red) on the skin
has/have diarrhea passes waste often and in a liquid form
has/have constipation unable to pass waste from the body easily
dizzy feeling like you are turning in circles
nauseous feeling like you are going to throw up food
vomit throw up, get sick
swollen puffed up, larger than normal
itchy wanting to scratch
fever a high body temperature
burn to injure with fire or heat
injure (verb) to hurt in an accident
sprain to injure/hurt by twisting (bending or turning)
cut to injure/hurt with something sharp
a bruise a dark (blue, black, purple) mark on your skin
stress something that causes strong feelings (difficult to manage)
hurt (verb) cause pain
an injury physical damage to the body
an illness a sickness or disease
What's the matter? What's wrong?
How do you feel? How are you?
terrible, awful, miserable very, very bad
wonderful, great very, very good
Created by: murmansk
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