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Rikki Tikki Tavi


saith a synonym of said
woe feeling extreme sadness
betide happen to
cantonment military base or camp
draggle getting something wet and dirty by dragging it
verandah a fenced, open -aired porch
cultivated getting land ready to plant things in
fledglings baby birds that cannot fly yet
stooping reaching down low for something
providence when God is protecting you from above
sluice a sliding door that can be opened or closed to control the flow of water
masonry stone work l
earthenware baked pottery
cart-whip a whip used to get a horse to move
valiant heroic
rubbish-heap a stack of trash
lame hurt and unable to normally move
consolation giving comfort, like a hug, to someone who needs one
Bantam a type of small chicken
bounding hopping rapidly around like a boxer in a ring
bothering creating a big fuss about something
bang-stick gun
bungalow a small house sometimes used for guests
muskrat a large rodent that lives in wetlands
castor-oil bush a type of plant that produces a vegetable oil that people use for multiple purposes
Created by: dmoellis



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