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Johnny Tremain vocabulary

DefinitionVocab Word & (part of speech)
one who is indentured to work under a skilled master to learn a trade apprentice (n)
having a healthy reddish color ruddy (adj)
a vessel used for melting materials at high temperatures crucible (n)
small miserable dwelling hovel (n)
a jailer turnkey (n)
lacking firmness, resilience, or muscle tone flaccid (adj)
eager to fight; hostile belligerent (adj)
to try to convince by arguing or reasoning persuade (v)
to reject or treat with contempt or disdain scorn (n) (v)
to disable or cripple maimed (v)
lazy; disinclined to work indolent (adj)
humorous in an understated or ironic way wry (adj)
commanding respect by virtue of age or position venerable (adj)
conduct or language inciting rebellion seditious (adj)
heating metal and slowly cooking it to reduce brittleness annealing (v)
Created by: pcsteacher5