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TTM C5 Vocab

Vocabulary Words for Chapter 5 of The Time Machine

gibbous when more than half, but not the whole thing is lit up (usually about the moon)
flitted moved or flew quickly from one place or thing to another
descend to go down; to go or move from a higher to a lower place or level
pedestal the base of a column or other tall object
distinct different in a way that you can see, hear, smell, feel, etc.; noticeably different; strong and definite
complacency a feeling of being satisfied with how things are and not wanting to try to make them better
stoutly bravely and strongly
leprous infected with leprosy, a deadly disease that causes painful rough areas on the skin and that badly damages nerves and flesh
conviction the feeling of being sure that what you believe or say is true
lash whip
stanching to stop something (especially blood) from flowing
nevertheless in spite of what has just been said
assurance a strong feeling of confidence about yourself or about being right
folly the lack of good sense or judgment
instinctively based on feelings or desires that do not come from thinking or learning
thereby by means of that act
stirring moving
trace a mark or line left by something that has passed; a sign or evidence of some past thing
furiously very actively or fast
abruptly very sudden and not expected
clutching holding on to something tightly
mockery behavior or speech that makes fun of someone or something in a hurtful way
dismay a strong feeling of being worried, disappointed, or upset
consoled tried to make someone feel less sadness or disappointment
intervention involvement in something in order to have an influence on what happens
tampering interfering so as to weaken or change for the worse
gashed cut deeply and long
raving talking or acting in a crazy way
anguish extreme suffering, grief, or pain
malachite a green mineral that is used especially for making pretty things
shin the front part of the leg below the knee
inarticulate not able to express ideas clearly and effectively in speech or writing
splutter a splashing or sputtering sound
flare a light that shines brightly and briefly
bawling crying very loudly
sorely very much
circumstances the way something happens; the specific details of an event
revive to return to life; to make active again
dashed broke or destroyed something by throwing or hitting it against something
blundering moving in an awkward or confused way
despair the feeling of no longer having any hope
wore diminished or decayed through use
groping searching for something by reaching or touching (usually with your fingers) in an awkward way
wretchedness very unhappy, ill, etc.; deeply afflicted, dejected, or distressed in body or mind
misery extreme suffering or unhappiness
turf the upper layer of ground that is made up of grass and plant roots
desertion a state of being deserted or forsaken; left all alone
behooves to be necessary or proper
cunning getting what is wanted in a clever and often deceptive way
bathe to take a bath; to swim for pleasure
exhausted completely used up
futile having no result or effect; pointless or useless
stolid showing little or no emotion; not easily excited or upset
devil evil feeling or desire
begotten fathered
ill curbed not very well controlled or limited
perplexity the state of being very confused, usually because something is difficult to understand
counsel advice given to someone
groove a long, narrow cut or low area in a surface
rapped sharply knocked
discontinuous not connected; having interruptions or gaps
beckoned signaled someone with your arm or hand in order to tell that person to come closer or follow
grossly very obvious or noticeable; rude or offensive; very disgusting
chap fellow, person
strides very long steps
repugnance a strong feeling of dislike or disgust
gusty with a sudden outburst
furtively done in a quiet and secret way to avoid being noticed
Occidental from the West, from Europe
vigil an event or a period of time when a person or group stays in a place and quietly waits, prays, etc., especially at night
aimlessly without a goal or purpose
monomania excessive concentration on a single object or idea; being mentally ill, where you can only focus on one thing
tolerably good enough to be accepted but not very good
abstain to choose not to do or have something
pursuit following and trying to catch or capture someone or something for usually a long distance or time
footing the base or foundation on which something is established
exclusively wholly, undividedly, only
composed made up of
figurative language metaphors, similes, symbolism, personification; any time you use words to mean something that isn’t literally true
propositions something (such as a plan or offer) that is presented to a person or group of people to consider
tethered tied by a rope or chain to something in order to keep you in a particular area
exuberant existing in large amounts; very plentiful
abundance a large amount of something
splendid very impressive and beautiful
clustering coming together to form a group
thickets groups of bushes or small trees that grow close together
blossom-laden loaded heavily with flowers
ferns plants that have large, delicate leaves and no flowers
undulating moving or shaped like waves
serenity calmness and peacefulness
rimmed decorated around the rim
wrought carefully formed or worked into shape
shafted lighted with a sharply outlined beam of light shining through an opening
gleam a bright or shining quality; a brief or faint appearance
start to bring into being; to startle
swiftly quickly
subterranean located or living under the surface of the ground
ventilation circulation of air
sanitary related to good health or protection from dirt, infection, disease, etc.
modes types
conveyance something that carries people or things from one place to another
conveniences something (such as a device) that makes you more comfortable or allows you to do things more easily
obtain to gain or get something, usually by effort
inaccessible difficult or impossible to reach, approach, or understand
parcels boxes or large envelopes that are usually given, sent, or delivered to a person
untravelled hasn’t been to many places
apprehend to notice and understand something
Golden Age A time of great happiness, success, and achievement. The British at the time considered the Victorian Era to be one of these.
sensible conscious, aware, sensing
contributed added to or helped to happen
sepulture burial
crematoria places where the bodies of dead people are cremated (burned)
suggestive showing or seeming to show something
tombs buildings or chambers above or below the ground in which a dead body is kept
deliberately done or said in a way that is planned or intended; done or said on purpose; done or decided after careful thought; slow and careful
remark the act of noticing or making a comment about something
confess to admit to something
decadent decaying; declining
endure continue to exist in the same state or condition
renewal being made new, fresh, or strong again; being made to last longer
specimens notable examples of something
metalwork things that are made out of metal, especially metal objects that are made in an artistic and skillful way
vestige the last small part that remains of something that existed before
tendency a way of behaving or acting; a habit
importations things that have been brought in (usually by trade) from another place or country
inscription words that are written on or cut into a surface
interpolated put between other things or parts
seized attacked
cramp Muscle contractions you can’t control. In this context, this would mean your muscles stop working and you can’t swim.
moderate average
deficiency a problem in the way something is made or formed, like it’s missing something
mite a very small object or creature
limbs arms and legs
brought her round made her feel healthy and all right again
estimate guess at the worth or value; esteem
gratitude gratefulness
desolate very sad and lonely; gloomy; abandoned; without life
arbour a shelter of vines or branches or of latticework covered with climbing shrubs or vines; the American spelling has no "u"
chiefly mainly or mostly
tire to make tired
plaintively expressing suffering or sadness; having a sad sound
flirtation a relationship that isn’t meant to be serious
distress unhappiness or pain; suffering that affects the mind or body
expostulations arguments or disagreements
frantic feeling or showing a lot of fear and worry
devotion a feeling of strong love or loyalty
inflicted caused to experience or be affected by (usually something unpleasant or harmful)
fond feeling or showing love or friendship
grimaces facial expressions in which your mouth and face are twisted in a way that shows disgust, disapproval, or pain
droves large groups of people or animals that move or act together
tumult a state of noisy confusion or disorder; a state of great mental or emotional confusion
apprehension suspicion or fear especially of future evil; foreboding
blockhead a stupid person
slumbering sleeping
multitudes big numbers of things or people
troubled worried or made anxious
acquaintance the period of knowing someone in a personal or social way
palps feelers
chamber a room, usually a bedroom, but sometimes a large hall
flagstones hard, flat pieces of stone that are used for making paths
virtue a good and moral quality
pallor paleness, especially of the face (usually caused by illness or fear)
mingled two or more things combined or brought together
sombre very sad and serious; having a dull or dark color; the American spelling ends in "er" instead of "re"
leash a set of three animals
notion an idea or opinion
hence later than the present time
wonder something that is surprising or hard to believe
jest joke
undefinate not defined
account to give a justifying analysis or explanation
body object in space, like a planet or star
catastrophes terrible disasters
glare harsh, bright light
clambering climbing or crawling in an awkward way
masonry the stone, brick, or concrete used to build things; the things built by stone, brick or concrete
gallery a hallway, corridor, or porch
impenetrably impossible to pass, see through or understand
halted stopped
spellbound giving all of your attention and interest to something or someone, as if by a spell
without outside
clenched set in a tightly closed position
steadfastly not moving or changing; faithful
ill-controlled not very well controlled
darted moved quickly
flaxen having a pale yellow color
obscurity the state of being unknown or forgotten; something that is difficult to understand (But in this context it just means “darkness”)
regarded looked at
shudder shiver; shake
sole only
obscene very offensive in usually a shocking way; disgusting to the senses; repulsive
nocturnal active mainly during the night
heir the person who gets the wealth and title when someone dies; the survivor; the descendant
scheme the way that something is arranged or organized
amorous showing strong feelings of romantic love
bad form behavior that people don’t like because it breaks social rules (like farting in public)
apertures openings
frame to express (a question, answer, etc.) in words
revolution the act of turning around in a circular way (Think of a revolving door. )
largely not completely but mostly
capacity the ability to do something; a mental, emotional, or physical ability
witness take note of
fumbling in an awkward or clumsy way
carriage manner of bearing the body; posture
reinforced encouraged or gave support to (an idea, behavior, feeling, etc.)
retina the sensitive tissue at the back of the eye that receives images and sends signals to the brain about what is seen
ramifications something that is the result of an action, decision, etc.
anticipate to guess or look forward to something that will happen in the future
proceeding moving along a course; advancing; going on from
incredible difficult or impossible to believe (something that is “credible” is something that can be believed)
ornamental used for decoration (like an ornament); pretty
birthright a right that you have because you were born into a particular position, family, place, etc., or because it is a right of all people
artificial not happening or existing naturally; created or caused by people
refinement the process of removing unwanted substances from something; the process of making something pure
gulf a wide gap
rude lacking refinement or delicacy; ignorant, unlearned; inelegant, uncouth; uncivilized, savage; coarse, vulgar
interest benefit, advantage
considerable large in size, amount, or quantity
portions a part of a larger amount, area, etc.
shut in against closed up as a defense or protection from
intrusion people coming in without invitation, permission, or welcome
facilities something that makes an action, operation, or activity easier
retards slows
stratification layering (often by class)
arrears an unpaid and overdue debt
etiolated bleached and altered by excluding sunlight; made pale
aristocracy the highest social class in some countries; the people who have special titles (such as duke and duchess), who typically own land, and who traditionally have more money and power than the other people in a society
cicerone mentor, tutor, guide
supposition an idea or theory that you believe is true even though you do not have proof; something you suppose
zenith the strongest or most successful period of time; the highest point reached in the sky by the sun, moon, etc.
degeneration having declined, deteriorated, gotten weak, become lower than normal
dwindling gradually becoming smaller
modification a change in an organism caused by the environment
troublesome causing problems or worry
restore to give back someone or something that was lost or taken; to return someone or something
unendurable can’t stand it; can’t go through it
concerned interested or involved in something
banishing sending someone or something away; getting rid of them
inheritance something from the past that is still important or valuable
Created by: MsSchmidt
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