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6th Gr. Vocab Review

Review the last 30 words. Vocab test every morning at 9:30am.

ornithology the study of the nature and habits of birds
aviary a large building in which birds are kept
avian of or pertaining to birds
aviation the science of powered flight, navigation by airplane
aviator pilot of an airplane
pork meat from a pig
porcupine spiny pig-shaped rodent
porpoise blunt, snouted aquatic mammal
salt substance which occurs in nature, sodium chloride
saline like salt, salty
salary fixed payment made to a person for regular work
desalinate to remove salt from water
salami highly salted, flavored meat
"worth one's salt" good or competent at a specified job or career
port a harbor for boats at the shore of a city
airport a place where airplanes land and take off
porch a covered area around the entrance of a house
portal a doorway of elaborate construction
import to bring something in to a country
export to take something out of a country
prime of main importance, best possible quality
prime number a whole number greater than one that can not be made by multiplying other whole numbers
primary the first or most important thing
premier first showing of a theatrical performance
primate mammals including humans, monkeys, apes, etc
primitive in an early stage of development
quart a unit of liquid capacity equal to one-fourth of a gallon
quarter (n) one-fourth
quarter (v) to be stationed or lodged in a particular place
quarterly occurring once every quarter of the year
quartet a group of four people playing music together
quarantine a period of isolation in which people or animals that may have been exposed to a contagious disease are placed
Created by: A Gausman



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