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My Volcano Adventure

Natural phenomenon

erupt(v) (of a volcano) to explode
located in situated in
worth the effort(phr) valuable despite the hard work it takes to achieve it
fellow (adj) sharing the same interests as sb else
fan (n) sb who likes sth very much
camp overnight (phr) to spend the night in a tent outdoors
hike (v) to go for a long walk in the mountains or in the countryside
disappointed (adj) not happy; let down
fountain of lava (phr) a flow of hot liquid sent up into the air when a volcano erupts
safe distance the space from sth dangerous that is safe for you to be in
magnificent (adj) very impressive
run down(v) (for a liquid) to go down
rise (v) to move upwards
slope (n) the side of a mountain, hill or volcano
admit(v) agree that sth is true
approach (v) to go closer to sth
rim (n) (of a volcano) the edge that goes all the way round its top
risk(v) to expose yourself to danger
burn (v) an injury caused by fire
heat (n) very high temperature
unbelievable (adj) astonishing
close encounter (phr) a situation in which you come too close to sth, usually dangerous
unforgettable(adj) memorable
fascinated interested
effort hard work
fellow similar
disappointed disheartened
distance range
rising moving upwards
approached went closer to
Created by: sgpetkova-genova



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