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Silence Vocab

Vocabulary for Understanding: Silence by Shusako Endo

Apostasy To renounce one's faith and/or to lose one's faith
Bonze A Buddhist monk or priest in Japan or China
Father/Padre Title for a Catholic priest (titles for monks and nuns are Brother and Sister, respectively)
Fumie A small brass image of Jesus, sometimes with The Virgin Mary, that Japanese authorities forced people to step on as a sign of public apostasy, or renunciation, of Christian faith.
Jesuit Someone who has taken lifetime vows to serve in the Society of Jesus religious order
Junk A flat-bottomed, sailing cargo ship typical of China and East Asia
Macao Portugese trading colony along China's eastern seaboard founded in 1557. At the time of the novel (1643), it is both the economic and spiritual "gateway" to Japan for European interests. Portugal exercised some level of control until 1999.
Magistrate A civil officer (varying degrees of power) that judges and executes the law; in the novel, analogous to a governor
Mass Christian religious service, the height of which involves taking communion, or eating bread and wine that is connected to Christ's body and blood as a remission for one's sins. In Catholicism, only priests can administer communion
Palanquin A covered litter for a single passenger (vehicle made up of a box on horizontal posts carried by 4-6 people)
Priest In Catholicism, a local leader of a congregation, or parish (men only). Priests are under lifetime vows of service and, among other things, celibacy).
Religious Order Specific organizations within the Catholic church made up of clergy (priests, monks, or nuns) under lifetime vows to serve a given "rule," or way of life, often living and working in community
Roman Catholic Church Oldest form of "Western" Christianity, and largest church with 1.3 billion baptized. Based in Rome and headed by the pope. A single church institution and belief system, the smallest organizational unit being a local parish church, led by a priest.
Society of Jesus A religious order founded in 1540. Members are Jesuits. Emphasis on education, engaging in cross-cultural missionary work
St. Francis Xavier Catholic missionary from Spain who co-founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Known for spreading Catholicism in many parts of India and was the first Christian missionary to visit Japan and other areas of Asia (1506-1552) .
Theodicy The philosophical dilemma (and field of postulated answers) that questions how God could simultaneously be both good and all-powerful in a world where evil exists (these being the basic assertions of all major monotheistic faiths)
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