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physics finale

The measure of inertia of a body is given by: its mass
In the absence of anet force an object will always: do nothing
The unit "Newton" is given by what base units: kg*m/s^(2)
State Newtons first law of motion: objects coninue in a state of rest/constant velocity unless compelled to change
For an object in equilibrium what is not true? no net force acts on the object
Friction is proportional to: the normal force
The angle of respose is: the angle of an inclined plane at which a body whould begin to slide
What type of basic force acts on a car turning a corner at constant speed on level road? friction
What type of basic force acts on a Planet cicling the Sun? gravity
Ignoring friction, moving an object to a height of 5 ft takes (same/less/more) work on a steep ramp compared to gentle ramp slope same
The work done by firction is an example of what type of energy? non-conservative
Compared to yesterday, you do three times as much work in one third the time. Your power input is: 9 times yesterday (P=W/T)
What is the Work Energy Theorem? When a net external force does work, W, on an object, the KE energy changes from initial to final. The difference between these valuse is the work (W= .5mv(f)^2-.5mv(i)^2
if a block slide horizontally whats the work done by gravity? 0
If a block slides horizontally in what direction does friction act? negative
A baseball player follows through with his swing to increase what? increase the impulse imparted on the ball
In an inelastic collision what is conserved? momentum
whats the definition of impulse? force applied over a period of time
What were the name of the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan? Fat man and Little boy
Stepping on the gas as one drives around a circular track increases what? centripital and tangential acceleration
On which of the following is the moment of inertia of a body not dependent? its velocity
Decreasing the mass at the end of a simple pendulum will: have no effect on the period or frequency
Starting from rest at the same height, wich will reach the bottom first? almost always the sphere
Whats the translational and rotational expression for displacement? theda and s
Whats the translational and rotational expression for inertia? I and m
Whats the translational and rotational expression for velocity? v and w
Whats the translational and rotational expression for acceleration? a and alpha
The pressure at depth h in a liquid column is independent of the? shape of the container the liquid is in
Pressure applied to an enclosed fluid is transmitted in all directions to eery portion of the fluid describes what? pascals principle
When one stretches liquorice, the stress given by: the applied force per unit area
define pressure? force applied over area
On a Cartesian axis the y component of a vector is generally associated with? sine
the motion of an object projected at an angle consists of a uniform downward acceleration combined with: uniform horizontal velocity
An object moving at constant velocity what is not true? one lone force acts on the object
A plot of velocity versus time for free fall would look like a: line with a negative slope
two objects are seperated by a distance R, if one object is replaced by another having twice as much mass and the distance is doubled, what is the gravitational force? half as much
Which ratio gives the tangent? opp/adj
Whats the translational and rotational expression for Newtons second law? t=I(alpha), F=ma
if two cars are going at the same speed around a track, the track that has a tighter curve has greater what? centripital acceleration
Car J moves twice as fast as car K, and car J has half the mass of car K. the KE of car J is____ the kinetic energy of car K twice
On which of the following is the moment of inertia of a body not dependent? velocity
you are in an elevator in a tall building located near the equator. As you ride from the ground floor to top, your tangential speed due to earth rotation does what? increases
A person is riding a Ferris wheel. After one complete turn, the net work done on the person by gravitatioal force is: zero
The center of mass of which object would not lie withing the body? (baseball, brick, frisbee, book) frisbee
The speed of a setellite in orbit does not depend on what? its mass
The linear conservaion of a system of objecs is conserved if: there are no external forces acting on the system
An ice skater is spining on a frictionless ice with her arms extended outward, she pulls her arms in reducing moment of interia, what happens to her rotational KE? increases because angular speed is larger
Whats is the mechanical equivalent of heat? 1 cal= 4.186 joules
If no heat is exchanged with the surroundings the process is? adiabatic
Decreasing the length of a simple pendulum will: decrease the period
If you doubled the speed of every atom in a montoomic ideal gas, the Kelvin temp would change by a factor of? 4
A blackbody at half the Kelvin Temp pf another blackbody with the same surface area will radiate ____ the thermal energy. 1/16
Window A on a sub has twice the radius that window B has, if they are at the same depth which has a grater pressure acting on it? the same amount
A monotomic ideal gas is thermally insulated, so no heat can flow between it and its surroundings. Is it possible for the temp of the gas to rise? yes. if work is done on the gas
whats the work done by a isochoric process? 0, only pressure increases
whats the work done by a isobaric process? w=P(delta)V only volume changes
Whats the second law of thermodynamcs? heat flow spontaneously from hot to cold, not the other way
Ideal gas law is: PV=nRT
What is the universal gas constant? R= 8.315 j/(mol-K)
Whats the total internal energy for an ideal monotomic gas? U=(3/2)nRT or (3/2)nkT
What is the zeroth law of thermodynamics? gives us the ability to measure the temp of bodies
what is boltmans constant? k, 1.38x10^-23J/K, or R/Na
Whats the latent heat of fusion? 80kcal/kg
Whats the latent heat of vaporization? 540 kcal/kg
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