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CAE Gold Unit 1 2020

Opt for / to Choose one over others
Unique Existing as the only one of its kind
Exclusive Excluding or tending to exclude
Drawbacks Pitfalls, downsides
Landmark building or place that is easily recognized
Be home to The place where something is located
Boast Speak too proudly or happily about achievements or possessions
Long-standing Having existed for a long time
Run-down In poor condition
Detachment A feeling of not being emotionally involved
Reliant Needing a particular thing or person in order to continue, to work correctly, or to succeed
Standing room Space available for people to stand rather than sit in a passenger vehicle or building
Downsize Reduce the number of employees or move to a smaller home
Thorough With great care and completeness
farfetched / far-fetched Difficult to believe and unlikely to be true
Unaccountable Unable to be explained
Be in the habit of Do sth regularly
Let alone Far less likely or suitable than something else already mentioned
Disregard Pay no attention to; ignore
Strike... as Cause sb to think about someone or sth in a particular way
Gulp Gasp, swallow air or sth else
Ravishing Extremely beautiful
Succinct Very brief
Dispel Make disappear
Insouciant /ɪnˈsuː.si.ənt/ Showing a casual lack of concern
Seemingly Apparently
Wrestle Fight
In turn In succession
Embellish Make more attractive
Created by: Maru Rodriguez