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¿Cómo te llevas con los demás?

cualidades qualities
artístico/a artistic
bien educado/a well educated
cortés courteous
divertido/a dfun
estudioso/a studious
sociable social
talentoso/a talented
charlar to chat
llevarse bien to get along well
llevarse mal to not get along
quedarse en casa to stay home
reírse to laugh at
hasta until, toward
durante during
desordenado/a unorganized
impaciente impatient
infantil childish
mal educado/a ill-mannered
perezoso/a lazy
tonto/a foolish, silly
discutir to discuss
emocionarse to get excited
enojarse to become angry
gritar to shout
llorar to cry
mentir to lie
molestar to bother, to annoy
pelearse to fight with (one another)
¡basta! Enough!
¡Dejáme en paz! Leave me in peace! (Leave me alone!)
¡Yo también! Me too!
hablar mal (de) to talk badly (about)
llegar tarde to arrive late
no pensar (en) to think (about)
ponerse furioso/a to become furious
ponerse nervioso/a to become nervous
quedarse tranquilo/a to remain calm
tener paciencia to be patient
volver loco/a to become crazy
amable kind
cariñoso/a caring
celoso/a jealous
chismoso/a gossipy
comprensivo/a understanding
considerado/a considerate
egoísta selfish
entrometido/a meddlesome, interfering
honesto/a honest
íntimo/a intimate
vanidoso/a vain, conceited
la amistad friendship
la confianza trust
alegrarse to be delighted, happy
apoyar(se) to support, to back (each other)
confiar to trust
desconfiar to mistrust
guardar (un secreto) to keep (a secret)
sorprender(se) to (be) surprised
temer to fear
aceptar tal como (soy) to accept (me) the way (I am)
cambiar de opinión to change one's mind
juntos/as together
tener en común to have in common
tener celos to be jealous
Created by: NBESP3
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