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Questions - Answers

Information Question Words

Who is called the father of the United States? George Washington
Whom/Who did you ask? the teacher
Who freed the slaves and kept the United States together? Abraham Lincoln
What class are you in? ESL 1
What do you usually eat for breakfast? eggs and fruit
When do usually eat breakfast? at 8:00 AM
Who usually eats breakfast with you? my children
Where do you usually eat breakfast? in the kitchen or dining room
Why were you late? I got stuck in traffic.
Why didn't you eat breakfast? I was not hungry.
How often do you eat breakfast? almost every morning
What are you doing? I am studying English.
What do you do on Saturday afternoons? I usually study English.
What did you do yesterday? I studied English.
What will you do this weekend? I will study English.
What does your mom do on the weekends? She usually goes to church.
What does your son do on Friday evenings? He always plays soccer.
What do Mary and John do in their free time? They volunteer to read to patients in the hospital.
What is the matter? My daughter is sick.
How often do you have English class? twice a week
How long is English class? two and a half hours
How long is the ruler? 6 inches
How much is this sweater? $44.99
How many eggs are in dozen? 12
How much does it hurt? a whole lot
How much cough syrup did you take? 2 teaspoons
How far away is the mall? about 5 miles
How old is your baby? 6 months old
What do you do when you are hungry? I make a delicious meal.
When are you really hungry? when I get home from work
Where is the Statue of Liberty? on an island
Why are you happy? because I got a new job
Whose phone is this? Maria's
Where are you from? I am from Guatemala.
What is your area code? 215
What do you do? I am a gardener.
How are you? I am bored.
How is your son? He feels better now.
How are your parents? They are fine.
Where can you borrow books? at the library
What does your wife do? She's a librarian.
Which do you like most: coffee or tea? coffee
What's it like outside? It's windy.
What season is it? It's spring.
What is the Statue of Liberty holding? a book
Whose picture is on the five dollar bill? Abraham Lincoln
How much is a nickel? 5 cents
What is your zip code? 19141
Created by: murmansk



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