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Vocabulary words for Forgotten Door

Enthralled captivated, charmed, spellbound
cleft a crack or space in rock
incredulous unbelieving, skeptical, doubtful
resolutely firmly, determinedly
ruddy healthy reddish color skin
mercenary working only for money
marred damaged, marked up
misgivings Feelings of regret, doubt, distrust
hastened hurried, acted quickly
stata layers of rock
seared burned the surface of
inaudible unable to be heard
ornery mean, grouchy, or irritable
grating irritating, annoying
evasive avoiding someone or something
prodding poking, urging
stow pack or store away
batten cover over (window or opening)
threshold point of entering, across a doorway
prying inquiring carefully, snooping
abhorred loathed, disliked intensely
resentment angry due to a wrong or insult, indignant
conspirator someone who plans with another
deflated lat air out, lower
priority something which must be done first
bounds leaps or bounces
radiance glowing, shining, splendor
enclosure fence or wall
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