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Me and the others

way of life lifestyle
take hold of grab
quick high-speed
self-reliant independent
group crowd
talks discussions
geniuses whizz-kids
device gadget
subculture a group of people with the same fashion, music, lifestyle,etc.
rebel refuse to follow the rulesof society
open-minded willing ti listen to other people's opinion
adolescent a teenager
express to communicate your feelings
skatepark a place specially designed for skateboarding
grab to take hold of
loose not tight
long-sleeved with long sleeves
short-sleeved with short sleeves
baggy very loose
plain without a pattern
shapeless without shape
cardigan a piece of clothing like a pullover with buttons down the front
fringe hanging threads
uncombed (of the hair) not combed, untidy
arty to do with art
nerd somebody who studies aa lot
geek sb who knows a lot about science/technology
whizz-kid a young genius
slogan a catchy phrase
atom the smallest part into which a substance can break up into
Created by: sgpetkova-genova
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