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TTM C4 Vocab

Vocabulary Words for Chapter 4 of The Time Machine

bearing the way in which a person moves, stands, or behaves
tongue language
exquisite finely done or made; very beautiful or delicate; very sensitive or fine
ninepins bowling pins
hitherto until now
Dresden-china a type of porcelain made in the city of Dresden, Germany; and known for being very detailed, beautiful and fragile
minute very small; very complete and precise
egotism the feeling or belief that you are better, more important, more talented, etc., than other people
fancy to like; to imagine
cooing talking in a soft, quiet, and loving way, like a dove or a pigeon
quaint having an old-fashioned or unusual quality or appearance that is usually attractive or appealing
astonish to cause a feeling of great wonder or surprise
staggered moved or caused to move unsteadily from side to side; shocked or surprised very much
import the meaning of something
abrupt very sudden and not expected
render to reproduce or represent by artistic or verbal means; to cause someone or something to be in a specified condition; to give something to someone
pace a single step or the length of a single step
melodious having or making a pleasant musical sound
blossom flower
edifice a large and usually impressive building (such as a church or government building)
fretted decorated with open ornamental carvings; to eat into or wear away at; to worry
posterity future descendants
merriment laughter and enjoyment (merry-making)
waste wild, not cultivated; being in a ruined condition; gradual loss from use, wear, or decay
neglected something that has not been taken care of
variegated having patches, stripes, or marks of different colors; including many different things, full of variety
Phoenician an ancient country famous for its shipbuilding and inventing the alphabet
dingy dark and dirty, not fresh or clean
grotesque something natural distorted into absurdity, ugliness, or caricature; ugly in a weird, twisted or deformed way
garlanded wearing a ring or rope that is made of leaves, flowers, or some other material and that is used as a decoration
proportionately the right size or shape to match
glazed covered with or as if with a glassy film
tempered adjusted in strength or quality
transverse lying or made across something; crosswise; at a right angle to
hypertrophied grown much bigger than it’s supposed to
conductors guides
leisure free time
dilapidated in very bad condition because of age or lack of care
fractured the result of breaking something; a crack or break
picturesque very pretty or charming; like a painted picture
carnal of or relating to the body (but in this context I think it’s also specifically related to meat, like the Spanish word)
frugivorous feeding on fruit
Ichthyosaurus an ancient fish as big as a person
staple used, needed, or enjoyed constantly by many people; basic
checked stopped
resolute very determined
interrogative asking a question
convey to make something known to someone
inextinguishable can’t be stopped (usually, can’t be stopped from burning)
immense very great in size or amount
substantive a word that works as a noun
demonstrative showing who or what is being referred to
indolent not liking to work or be active; lazy
fatigued very tired; extremely weary
queer differing in some odd way from what is usual or normal
disregard to ignore something or treat something as unimportant
gesticulate to move your arms and hands especially when speaking in an angry or emotional way
devices things you want to do
situated located in a particular place
Thames One of the most famous rivers in England. It goes through London.
mount get on top of
summit the highest point of a mountain
crest the highest part or point of something (such as a hill or wave)
ruinous falling apart; badly damaged
splendor great and impressive beauty
granite a very hard type of rock that is used in buildings and monuments
aluminum a silver metal that is strong and light and that is used for making many products
labyrinth a maze
precipitous very steep; done too quickly and without enough thought or planning
pagoda a type of tall building in eastern Asia that has many floors with roofs that stick out on each floor and curve up
nettle a tall plant that has leaves with hairs that sting you if you touch them
tinted very slightly colored
incapable not able to do something
evidently in a way that can be easily seen or noticed; seemingly true
derelict no longer cared for or used by anyone
destined decided beforehand by fate; your destiny
intimation a hinted or indirect suggestion
terrace a flat area next to a building where people can sit and relax; sometimes on the side of a hill
household the people in a family or other group that are living together in one house; the idea of people living in family groups
cottage a small house, especially in the country
visage a person's face
rotundity fatness and roundness
miniature a much smaller copy
precocious having or showing the qualities or abilities of an adult at an unusually early age
abundant existing or occurring in large amounts
resemblance the state of looking or being like someone or something else
institution a custom, practice, or law that is accepted and used by many people
differentiation having been made different
occupation the work that a person does; a person's job or profession
mere nothing more than
militant having or showing a desire or willingness to use strong, extreme, and sometimes forceful methods to achieve something
necessities requirement, must-have
childbearing growing a child in your body
offspring babies, descendants
efficient producing what you want without wasting materials, time, or energy
specialization being adapted to a particular job
musing thinking
cupola a rounded roof or part of a roof
well a deep hole made in the ground through which water can be removed
thread line of reasoning or train of thought
corroded broken apart by a chemical reaction (usually of rain on metal)
cast to give a shape to something by pouring in liquid or plastic form into a mold and letting it harden
filed smoothed or cut away, like with a file (think nail file)
griffin an animal that is half eagle and half lion
crimson a deep purplish-red color
burnished made smooth and shiny by rubbing it (usually done to metal or leather)
obelisk a tall, four-sided stone column that becomes narrower toward the top and that ends in a point
hedges a row of shrubs or small trees that are planted close to each other in order to form a boundary
proprietary kept private by an owner
agriculture the science or occupation of farming
facet a part or element of something; a small, flat surface on a jewel (This is one of my favorite words. I like thinking of people as jewels, and each side is one part of them.)
wane to become smaller or less; to decrease in size, amount, length, or quality (This word is also used with the moon—when it’s talking about the moon, it means it’s near the end of the cycle and getting darker.)
ruddy having a healthy reddish color
engaged busy with some activity
premium a high or extra value
feebleness weakness
ameliorating making something, such as a problem, better, less painful, etc.
civilizing causing a group of people to have a more highly organized and modern way of living
triumph a great success or achievement
sanitation the process of keeping places free from dirt, infection, disease, etc., by removing waste, trash and garbage, by cleaning streets, etc.
operations missions
persistently not stopping or going away
horticulture the science of growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers
cultivate to grow or raise something under conditions that you can control (usually a plant or animal)
score twenty
wholesome helping to keep your body healthy; good for your health
gradually moving or changing in small amounts; happening in a slow way over a long period of time
tentative not done with confidence; uncertain and hesitant; not definite; still able to be changed
current a continuous movement of water or air in the same direction (or in this context, progress)
subjugation to defeat and gain control of someone or something by the use of force; to conquer and gain the obedience of a group of people, a country, etc.
gnat a small fly that bites people and animals
preventive something that keeps something from happening (usually disease)
attained accomplished or achieved something; succeeded in getting or doing something
putrefaction the process or result of decaying
toil work, usually very hard work
economical relating to the process or system by which goods and services are produced, sold, and bought
commerce activities that relate to the buying and selling of goods and services
constitutes to make up or form something
adaptations things about a person, animal, or plant that have changed to fit some purpose or situation
vigour strength, energy, or determination (American spelling leaves out the "u")
alliance a relationship in which people agree to work together
self-restraint being able to limit, control, or stop yourself
connubial related to being married
maternity motherhood
survivals people who have stayed alive
discords an unpleasant combination of musical notes; disagreements
refined having or showing the good education, polite manners, etc., that are expected in people who belong to a high social class
slightness being thin and not very strong or muscular
conquest the act of taking control through the use of force
energetic having or showing a lot of energy
vitality a lively or energetic quality; the quality of being alive
alter change
hindrances things that hold you back
solitary without anyone or anything else; alone
constitution the physical health and condition of a person or animal
outlet something that people use to express their emotions or talents
surgings increases to a high level
purposeless without meaning or purpose
harmony the combination of different musical notes played or sung at the same time to produce a pleasing sound; a pleasing combination or arrangement of different things
flourish a short piece of music played loudly; a decorative or finishing detail; a period of thriving
eroticism the feelings of being attracted to someone in an adult way (You probably shouldn’t use this word yet.)
languor laziness and not wanting to move
impetus driving force
inactivity not moving or doing anything
grindstone a stone disc that can be turned like a wheel and that is used for sharpening tools, smoothing rough edges, etc.
gathering growing, coming together
mastered learned completely; gotten the knowledge and skill that allows you to do, use, or understand something very well
devised invented or planned
diminished became or to caused something to become less in size, importance, etc.
stationary not moving; staying in one place or position
Created by: MsSchmidt



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