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TTM C3 Vocab

Vocabulary Words for Chapter 3 of The Time Machine

reel to walk or move unsteadily
intellect the ability to think in a logical way, smartness
traverse to move across
peculiar not usual or normal
excessively going beyond what is usual, normal, or proper
switchback a road, trail, or section of railroad tracks that has many sharp turns for climbing a steep hill
headlong without holding back
imminent about to happen
succession a series of people or things that come one after the other
palpitation rapid beating, usually talking about a heart (but not in this context)
merged when two or more things become joined or united
luminous filled with light
fluctuating to change level, strength, or value frequently
vapour a substance that is in the form of a gas or that consists of very small drops or particles mixed with the air; the American spelling has no "u"
consequently as a result
poignant deeply meaningful
hysterical having uncontrolled emotions
exhilaration a feeling of great happiness and excitement
account to give an explanation for
attend to pay attention to
madness a state of foolishness or mental illness
futurity the quality of being or happening in the future
sensation a particular feeling or effect that your body experiences
impression an idea or belief that is usually not clear or certain
dread to fear something that will or might happen
possession the act of having or taking into control
rudimentary basic or simple; not very developed or advanced
elusive hard to understand, define, or remember
intermission a short break between two things, usually the acts of a play (but not in this context)
fair pretty
occupied filled up
attenuated made weaker or less in amount, effect, or force
interstices a small space that lies between things; a small break or gap in something
intervening to come or happen between
intimate having a very close relationship
obstacle something in your way
profound difficult to understand; extending far below the surface; very intensely felt—the basic idea of this word is “wow, that’s deep”
inevitable sure to happen; unavoidable
insensibly without being felt by the senses
jarring forceful hitting or shaking
prolonged when something has lasted or continued for a long time
petulance becoming angry and annoyed when you don’t get what you want
forthwith without delay or waiting
lugged pulled or carried with great effort
incontinently without being under control
pitiless very cruel; having or showing no pity
overset tipped over
rhododendron an evergreen bush that has large, bright flowers and that is often grown in gardens
mauve a light or medium purple color
rebounding to bounce back off something after hitting it
hospitality generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests
innumerable too many to be counted
colossal very large or great
loomed appeared in a large, strange, or frightening form
sphinx in ancient Greek and Egyptian stories, a creature with the body of a lion and the head of a person
verdigris what you get when copper and other metals turn green
chanced happened by chance, not through anyone’s actions
imparted gave the idea of
advance to move forward
recede to move back or away
denser having parts that are close together
threadbare very thin and in bad condition, like a piece of cloth that is so thin you can see the threads
temerity the quality of being confident and unafraid of danger or punishment especially in a way that seems rude or foolish
altogether completely and fully
withdrawn pulled away
passion a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something
interval a period of time between events
unsympathetic not feeling or showing concern about someone who is in a bad situation OR being someone whom it’s hard to feel concern for
foul very bad or unpleasant; disgusting; offensive
slain killed (usually in battle or war)
vast very great in size, amount, or extent
intricate having many parts that work together in a very complicated way
parapet a low wall at the edge of a platform, roof, or bridge
strove struggled
garments clothing
whirl to turn quickly and suddenly in a circle
picked out outlined or highlighted
wings flies
frenzy great and often wild or uncontrolled activity
grappled struggled physically with
onset attack
attitude a position meant for doing something
prompt quick
clad covered or clothed
emerged to rise or appear from a hidden or unknown place or condition
girdled to form a circle around something or to surround something
buskins a laced boot reaching halfway or more to the knee
frail very weak and fragile
consumptive a person who had tuberculosis, a disease of the lungs which would kill you. Its symptoms included coughing blood and fever.
hectic red and flushed, like you have a fever
Created by: MsSchmidt



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