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Physics - MUS

Physics - Music Section

What does amplitude mean? The maximum displacement from the undisturbed portion of the wave to the crest
What does frequency mean? The number of waves per second
What is period? The time it takes for one wave to pass. Can be measured from peak to peak, trough to trough
What is the wavelength? The length of a wave from peak to peak, trough to trough etc.
Name all the types of radiotion in the electromagnetic spectrum in order from longest to shortest wavelength Radio waves, Microwaves, Infra-Red, Visible Light, Ultra-Violet (UV) Rays, X-Rays and Gamma Rays
Give three uses for radio waves Radio (music), television and mobile phone signals
Give 2 uses for microwaves Satellite singals (e.g. satellite tv) and microwave ovens
Give 2 uses for infra-red light Night Vision, Data transfer (e.g. mobile phones)
Give 2 uses of U/V light U/V telescopes, Security Stamps
What is so dangerous about U/V light? It can damage the skin and lead to skin cancer
What can X-Rays be used for? Producing images of the skeleton
Give 2 uses for gamma rays Sterilisation and killing cancer cells
What is so dangerous about gamma rays? They can make cells mutate and therfore induce cancer
What is the wave equation? Velocity = frequency x wavelength (lambda)
What is the diference between light and sound? Light is a transverse wave while sound is a longitudal wave
Sound can be described in terms of the... displacement of molecules
What are standing waves? A wave between two points that appears to be stationary because the wave reflects and induces a phase change of 90 degrees
What is a wavefront? The leading edge of a single pulse
What is superposition? When two waves collide causing constructive or destructive interference
If two waves are coherent, they are... of the same frequency and with a constant phase relationship
In a standing wave what is a node or anti-node? A node is a point where there is no change and a anti-node is where there is maximum change (e.g. a peak or trough on a wave graph)
What are resonant frequencies? Fixed frequencies at which the tube or object gives a sound at
What does the fundemental frequency mean? The lowest resonant frequency that can be produced, i.e. one standing wave
Why do stringed instruments have sound boxes? The string vibrating itself affects very little air (not much air is displaced). The sound box resonates with the string meaning more air is displaced so a louder sound
What us the wavelength of the lowest frequency? lambda = 2l where l is the length of the string/tube
In a string, the greater the tension the greater the ... speed
How does the mass-per-unit length of a string affect the speed The greater the mass-per-unti length the slower the speed
Give the equation that relates speed, tension and mass-per-unit length p.150 text book
What is phase difference? Where waves reach their peaks and troughs at different times
Created by: Masterniket
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