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Parvana's Journey

Let's Practice Your Understanding of the Vocabulary in Parvana's Journey

Jenazah prayer for the dead
Burqa long loose garment covering the whole body, worn in public by Muslim Women
Nan a type of leavened bread in a shape of a tea drop.
Toshak a narrow mattress used as a bed or couch
shalwar kameez a traditional outfit originating in South Asia.
pilaf a Middle Eastern or Indian dish of rice cooked in stock with spices, meat or vegetables
bolani a vegan flat bread from Afghanistan
chador a cloth used as a head covering by Muslim and Hindu women
latrine a toilet or outhouse, a communal one in camps or barracks
coax to persuade someone gradually
caravan a convoy of travelers journeying together
fennec- a desert fox
Dari one of two main languages spoken in Afghanistan
Ramadan A month of fasting in the Muslim calendar
Mullah A religious expert and teacher of Islam
Pushtu One of two main languages spoken in Afghanistan
malnutrition lack of proper nutrition
Pakistan A country that borders with Afghanistan
Peddler A person who goes from one place to another, selling items.
salvaged The act of saving something.
displaced To move from original place.
smuggled to sneak something somewhere secretly (often illegal items)
Created by: MsDianne



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