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ESL 2 A Lincoln

new words from our reading

penny a U.S. coin
died passed away
borrow to take, use and return (give back)
representative a job in the U.S. government
Emancipation Proclamation the title of the law that gave the slaves their freedom
separate to divide into two or more parts rather than together
union a group of people, states, or nations that work together
civil war a war inside a country rather than between two countries or different groups of countries
scan search (look for) specific types of information rather than read every word carefully
caption words or sentences under or near a photo in an article
title the name of a book, article, law, song, movie
headings a word or group of word that is placed at the beginning of a paragraph or paragraphs in a text to show the topic of that part of the text
slaves people with no freedom
fair behaving toward all people in the same way- no one is better than another
Created by: murmansk