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Free words 19


Disbelief Incredulidad/ Desconfianza/
Unbelievable Increíble (unconvincing, seemingly untrue)
Belief Creencia
Mallet Mazo (tool: hammer)
Subtle Sutil/ Disimulado (not obvious)// Ingenioso
Chisel Cincel (tool)
Rouse Despertar (wake)
Uneasy Incómodo/ Molesto/ Intranquilo (person: uncomfortable)
Squeak Chillido/ Chirrido
Wakefulness Insomnio (inability to sleep)
Yank Tirar (pull strongly on)
Fumbling Torpeza
Poke out Sacar/ Arrancar
Fang Colmillo
Flank Costado/ Lado (body: side)
Rage Rabia/ Ira/ Furia (anger)
Numb Entumecido/ Adormecido (without feeling)
Coop up Enjaular/ Encerrar
Scold Regañar a
Toddler Niño/a (1-2 year old child)
Roughly Aproximadamente
Recover Recuperar
Relief Alivio
Gnawing Mordisqueo (act os chewing)
Leap Salto/ Brinco (jump)
Nostril Fosa nasal
Mishap Contratiempo/ Percance
Befall (sb) Ocurrir/ Suceder (happen to)
Wax Cera
Soar Elevarse/ Planear
Sinew Tendón / Nervio
Attempt Intentar/ Tratar de
Outskirts Alrededores/ Afueras
Folk Gente (people)
Scowl Ceño fruncido
Deed Acto/ Acción / Hazaña