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Word set 11


chagrin (noun) mortification Much to my chagrin, I failed my math test.
complacency (noun); complacent (adj.) self-satisfaction, smugness Because of the complacency of the guards, enemy spies were able to sneak into the castle.
conciliate (verb); conciliatory (adj) compromising, pacifying The mediator made a conciliatory statement which helped the two parties find common ground.
degradation (noun) humiliation, shame When my father was arrested for embezzlement, my family’s reputation suffered degradation because of the negative publicity.
demure (adj.); demurral (noun) overly modest Because he was nervous at the audition, Johan sang in a demure voice which the judges were unable to hear.
flippant (adj.); flippancy (noun) disrespectful The student’s flippant actions towards the teacher got him suspended from school.
hubris (noun) arrogance, excessive confidence Feeling unbeatable because of her hubris, Carolyn did not prepare well for the contest and lost.
ignominy (noun); ignominious (adj.) dishonor, humiliation Our team has to face the ignominy of a long losing streak.
imperious (adj.) arrogant In an imperious tone, the police officer ordered the driver to step out of the car.
impudence (noun); impudent (adj.) disrespectful, insolent Even though Matt needed a new vacuum cleaner, the impudent attitude of the sales clerk made him decide to leave the store.
insolence (noun); insolent (adj.) disrespectful, impolite Yesterday, I punished my daughter for speaking to me in an insolent tone.
irreverent (adj.); irreverence (noun) disrespectful When the knight did not bow before his queen, he acted in an irreverent manner.
notoriety (noun); notorious (adj.) infamous, ill-fame Many tourists avoid the area because it is notorious for crime.
obdurate (adj.) stubborn, unyielding Wise beyond his seven years, Horatio knew his mother was too obdurate to be affected by his tears.
obstinate (adj.); obstinacy (noun) stubborn(ness) Although the little girl knew she was wrong, she was too obstinate to apologize to her parents.
opportunist (noun); opportunistic (adj.) a person who takes advantage, often unethically The opportunistic couple tried to take advantage of the elderly man, convincing him to sign over his home.
peremptory (adj.) bossy, decisive In a peremptory tone, the flight attendant told the passenger to either fasten his seatbelt or get off the plane.
presumptuous (adj.) too bold, arrogant, overconfident It was rather presumptuous of her to assume I would get her a birthday present.
recalcitrant (adj.) stubborn Despite being offered treats by his parents, the little boy was still recalcitrant about doing his homework.
self-righteous (adj.) smug, believing yourself to be better than others With a self-righteous glance, the snobby lady looked down on everyone else in the store.
self-serving (adj.) selfish Because of his self-serving ways, the man was not an ideal candidate to run for office.
supercilious (adj.) arrogant The supercilious man demanded special treatment when he arrived at the restaurant.
unabashed (adj.) not embarrassed Taking the stage, the unabashed comedian was bold and shameless with his comedy routine.
wayward (adj.) headstrong, rebellious The girl’s wayward behavior soon became too much for her parents to manage.
affected (adj.) haughty, pretentious The gestures seemed to be affected and staged rather than genuine expressions of compassion.
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