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Spanish Verbs

Abanderar/Registar To register
Abrir To open
Aburrir To bore
Acabar To finish
Aceptar To accept
Acordar To do something
Acostar To go to bed
Almorzar To have lunch
Amar To love
Andar To walk
Apagar Off - putout - extinguish
Aprender To learn
Asistir To assist - attend
Ayudar To help
Bailar To dance
Bajar To go down - get off (bus)
Beber To drink
Buscar To look for
Caber To fit
Caer To fall
Cambiar To change
Cantar To sing
Casar To marry / get married
Cenar To have dinner, To have a evening meal.
Cerrar To close
Cocinar To cook
Coger To pick up / take / catch
Comenzar To star / begin
Comer To eat
Compartir To share
Comprar To buy
Comprender To understand
Conducir To drive (?) (Website says "To driver")
Conocer To know
Conseguir To obtain / find (?) (Website says "To obtein / fin")
Construir To build
Contar To count / tell
Corregir To correct
Correr To run
Cortar To cut (?) (Website says "To cute")
Costar To cost
Crear To create
Crecer To grow
Creer To think
Cruzar To cross
Cubrir To cover
Dar To give
Deber Must (?) (Website says "To must")
Decidir To decide
Decir To say / tell
Defender To defend / stand up for
Dejar To leave
Desayunar To have breakfast
Descubrir To discover
Desear To wish
Despedir To say goodbye
Despertar To wake up
Destruir To destroy / wreck / demolish
Devolver To return (an item)
Dirigir To manage
Divertir To entertain / have fun
Doler to hurt
Dormir To sleep
Duchar To take a shower
Echar To throw
Elegir To choose
Empezar To begin
Encantar To love something
Ecender To light / turn on
Encontrar To find
Entender To understand
Entrar To go in
Enviar To send
Escoger To choose
Escribir To write (Website says "To writte")
Escuchar To listen
Esperar To wait
Estar To be
Estudiar To study
Exigir To demand / require
Explicar To explain
Ganar To win
Gastar To spend
Gustar To like
Haber To have
Habilitar To enable / qualify (Website says "To fit out / authorise")
Habitar To inhabit
Habituar To get used to
Hablar To speak
Hacer To make, to do
Hackear To hack
Halagar To flatter
Hartar To get bored of
Helar To freeze
Henchir To fill
Herir To hurt
Hervir To boil
Hinchar To swell
Hospedar To provide accommodation (Website says "To provide accomodation")
Hostigar To bother, pester
Huir To run away, to escape
Incluir To include
Ir To go
Jugar To play
Lavar To wash
Leer To read
Levantar To raise
Limpiar To clean
Llamar To call
Llenar To fill
Llegar To arrive
Llevar To carry, wear
Llorar To cry
Llover To rain
Mandar To order
Manejar To handle, use, manage.
Mantener To maintain
Medir To measure
Mentir To lie
Mirar To look at, wash
Morir To die
Mostrar To show
Mover To move
Nace To be born (Website says "To beborn")
Nadar To swim
Necesitar To need
Obtener To obtain, win, get.
Ofrecer To offer
Oír To hear
Oler To smell
Olvidar To forget
Organizar To organize
Pagar To pay
Parar To stop
Parecer To look like, seem
Pasar To pass
Pedir To ask, ask for
Pensar To think
Perder To lose
Permitir To allow
Poder Be able to
Poner To put
Practicar To practice (Website says "To practise")
Preferir To prefer
Preguntar To ask
Preparar To prepare
Prestar To lend
Probar To taste, try, try on
Proteger To protect
Quedar To stay
Quejar To complain
Querer To want
Quitar To take off
Recibir To receive
Recoger To pick up
Recomendar To recommend
Recordar To remember
Regresar To go back, come back
Reír To laugh
Repetir To repeat
Resolver To resolve (Website says "to resolve")
Rogar To beg
Romper To break
Rezar To pray
Remar To row
Saber To know
Sacar To take out
Salir To go out
Secar To dry
Seguir To follow
Sentar To sit, seat
Sentir To feel
Ser To be
Servir To serve
Sofreír To saute, fry.
Soler To usually do (something) (Website says "To ussually do something")
Sonar To sound
Sonreír To smile
Subir To go up, come up (Website says "To go up, com up")
Sugerir To suggest
Sumergir To immerse, submerge, dip. (Website says "To inmerse, submerge, or dip.")
Tener To have
Terminar To finish
Tocar To touch
Tomar To take
Trabajar To work
Traducir To translate
Traer To bring
Tratar To treat /try
Usar To use
Valer To be worth
Velar To guard
Vender To sell (Website says "To sale")
Venir To come
Ver To see
Vestir To wear, dress
Viajar To travel
Visitar To visit
Vivir To live
Volar To fly
Volver To return (location)
Violar To violate
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