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Roaring Twenties Voc

Roaring Twenties

ROARING TWENTIES SIGNIFICANT CULTURAL SHIFTS, relaxed moral values, new roles for women, youth and consumers
LEISURE TIME Consumers could buy new products on credit, assembly line, model T automobiles, people started to travel, listen to radio, watch movies
LAISSEZ FAIRE "hands off" economy theory used by 1920's presidents Harding, Coolidge and Hoover. refused to help farmers, increase in unemployment
PROHIBITION 18th amendment- outlawed manufacturing and sale of alcohol. intended to improve society but created more violence, outlaws, bootlegging ect. Repealed in the 21st amendment
HARLEM RENAISSANCE Increase in African American writing, performing arts, music, in NYC. It was considered a rebirth of hope for African Americans. Ex. Poet Langston Hughes, Jazz, Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong Harlem Renaissance era, Jazz
Langston Hughes Harlem Renaissance era literature wrote poetry
FLAPPERS young women symbolizing change. They cut their hair, wore make up, short dresses, danced to jazz music
ASSEMBLY LINE Factory system- speed up production, lower costs. Each worker assembled on part repetivively along a conveyor, products such as FORD MODEL T, the radio became affordable
RED SCARE/ANARCHISTS Fears and prejudices against people who where different, people where afraid of Comunnist (Red). Immigrants viewed as dangerous
KKK-1920 They did not like changes, they tried to influence politicians to make a racially and morally pure America
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