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Book Vocabulary

Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry book vocabulary cards

Meticulously Extremely careful, precisely
Intriguing Interesting, stirring, curiosity
Threadbare Worn thin, so that the individual threads of the fabric show through
Jauntily In an easy manner, carefree, confidently
Dubious Doubtful, unsure about the outcome
Motley Multi-colored, spotted
Indignation Strong displeasure; anger at unfairness
Imperiously In an overbearing manner, arrogantly
Scoffed Expressed doubt or scorn, heavily doubted
Formidable Awesome, powerful
Pudgy Short and fat
Kin Relative, family member
Resilancy Ability to spring back, rebound
Disgruntled Grouchy, unhappy
Listlessly Without energy or enthusiasm, anxiously
Transfixed In a fixed position, unable to move
Verge The edge, boundary
Discourse A serious conversation, a lengthy or serious story
Feigned Pretended, faked
Indicating Pointing to something, showing
Engrossed Completely occupied by something, fascinated
Ransacked Searched violently for something
Patronize To be a regular customer of a store or business
Obnoxious Irritating, offensive and unpleasant
Wheedle To coax or persuade someone using flattery or trickery
Promenading Parading in a showy way
Recoiled Drew back suddenly
Balked Hesitated or flatly refused to do something
Aloofness Remoteness, not easy to get to know, at a distance
Snidely Rudely, in a nasty manner
Languidly Casually, without energy
Inaudible Not able to be heard
Admonished Chastise, scolded
Interminable So long and boring as to seem endless, unending
Deflate To make someone less confident, put down
Caldron A large pot
Retorted Replied or responded sharply
Candidly In an honest or direct manner
Insolently In a rude or disrespectful manner, rudely
Sentinels Guards who watch over someone or something
Pondered Thought about, carefully considered
Sauntered Walked in a relaxed manner
Bewildered Completely confused or puzzled
Flinch To make an involuntary backward movement in response to something frightening or shocking
Morosely In a sad or depressed manner, gloomily
Shunned Ignored, deliberately avoided
Lingered Stayed longer, remained
Persnickety Obsessed with detail, picky
Amenities Attractive features that make something more pleasing, courtesies
Lilting Saying or doing something with a rise and fall in the voice, often cheerfully
Reluctantly With great hesitation, unwilling
Pointedly With deliberate emphasis, purposely
Ambled Walked casually, easily
Finality Quality of being final, conclusiveness
Despicable Something that is horrible, appaling
Rasped Spoke in a rough way
Crescendo The peak of an increase in loudness
Acrid Stinging or biting
Adamant Stubborn, unable or unwilling to change
Remnants Small parts still left of something, remains
Rile To bother, iritate
Created by: Kiley.Dias



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