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ESL 2 crazy English

phrasals and expressions etc.

words/wordmeaning example
I need to CASH A CHECK. Give your check to a bank teller. The bank teller gives you money.
A. Doctor, do I have a fever? B. Let me CHECK. A. Excuse me, do you have this shoe in a size 7. B. Let me CHECK in the back. look at (something) to get information; look at or in something to see or find what is there
I'll be RIGHT BACK!" I’ll return quickly.
I have gifts for three people on my list. I can CHECK OFF their names. put a check mark by a name or task or item on a list
A. Mommy, I finished my homework. B. Good! Let me CHECK your math. look for mistakes- Is everything is correct?
If you finish your test early, DOUBLE CHECK your answers. look twice; verify again
I am OFF ON Tuesdays! I am OFF today. no work
I need to go to the store. I am OUT milk. = I RAN OUT OF milk Oh. My. God. I am OUT OF patience. I cannot wait any longer. have no more of something (because it has all been used)
I CHECKED OUT of the hotel at 3:00. sign papers/ pay before leaving
Hey, CHECK OUT Larysa's new hairdo! look at
I have to CHECK ON/CHECK IN ON the children. They are playing in the yard. to look at from time to time to make sure things are okay
"HOLD ON a minute, I'll be right back!" Wait
You can CHECK IN at the hotel any time after 2 P.M. register / sign in so someone knows you are there
A. I’m only going away for the weekend, Mom. B. I know, but CHECK IN with me once in a while. contact to report progress or condition
Is it time for your annual CHECK UP? an appointment with a doctor when you are not sick He does tests to see how healthy you are generally.
Do not GIVE UP when something is not easy. quit; stop trying
KEEP ON studying crazy English. continue; do repeatedly
You need to register for class. You can't just DROP IN whenever you like. visit or attend without calling or registering
She was late because she had to DROP her daughter OFF at school. leave
The girl was so stressed out. She planned to DROP OUT of school. quit; stop attending
She was not happy when she FOUND OUT her son was not going to school. discovered; learned
I had to LOOK UP many new words in the dictionary because I could not understand the story. research; to search for information in a dictionary, on the Internet, in an encyclopedia, etc.
Created by: murmansk
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