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L8 Lessons 6-10

A1 Adj.) Excellent
Set one back V.) Cost
In the market for Adj.) Wanting or ready to buy
An arm and a leg N.) A large sum of money
For the time being Adv.) At the present time
Jalopy N.) An old car usually in poor condition
In a pinch Adv.) Okay when nothing else is available
Grand N.) $1000
That ain't hay That's a lot of money
Squak about V.) Complain about
Nest egg N.) Extra money that you save for the future
Salt away V.) Save, keep hidden until needed
Keep up with the Joneses V.) Try to equal your neighbors' lifestyle
On one's shoulders Adj. or adv.) One's responsibility
On pins and needles Adj. ) nervous, excited
Bank on V.) Count on, be sure of
Make a killing V.) Gain a large amount of money at one time
Break one's neck V.) Try very hard; usually negative: don't break your neck, don't try to hard and hurt yourself
Fall behind V.) Not be able to keep up, fail to maintain a schedule or rate of speed
Face up to V.) Accept something unpleasant or difficult
To the hilt Adv.) Completely, to the limit
Go over V.) Examine
Fly off the handle V.) Get angry
Bounce V.) Not be acceptable because of insufficient funds in the bank, (said of checks)
Clear V.) Go through, meet the requirements (said of checks)
Tide someone over V.) Help someone through a shortage
Down and out Adj.) Having no money, no success
Hand to mouth Adv. or adj.) Barely able to cover daily expenses
Pinch pennies V.) Be thrifty, careful how you spend money
Turn to V.) Go to for help
When the chips are down Adv.) At the worst time, when one faces the biggest obstacles or difficulties
Handout N.) Charity
Mooch V.) Borrow, beg, get without paying, freeload
Sit tight V.) Wait patiently
Get out from under End a worrisome situation
Rack one's brains V.) Try hard to think or remember
Keep one's head above water V.) Be able to exist on one's income, pay bills
Hard up Adj.) In desperate need of something
Put up a good front V.) Pretend to be happy, fool people about one's status
See daylight V.) Achieve or expect a favorable result
Moola N.) Money
Bail one out V.) Help
A drop in the bucket N.) A small amount
Back on one's feet Adj.) Financially independent or physically healthy again
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