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Word Set 10

Praise and Criticism

berate (verb) scold harshly, criticize harshly As the director started to berate the cast for the hundredth time, several of the lead actors walked out.
castigate (verb) belittle, criticize severely The woman was a cruel woman who never missed an opportunity to castigate her children.
censorious (adj.) harshly critical Jill is a bully who constantly makes censorious statements about her coworkers.
censure (verb) scold The pharmacy board will censure the pharmacist for not properly monitoring the supply of medications.
chastise (verb) criticize harshly for doing something wrong My father used to chastise my brother for kicking me in the ankles.
chide (verb) belittle, scold I don’t want the boss to chide me for being late again, so I’m setting the alarm for a half hour earlier.
consternation (noun) dismay, anxiety Opening up my unexpected $400 electric bill has me brimming with consternation, especially since I have no way of paying it.
contempt (noun);contemptuous (adj.) disdain, disrespect Since Mrs. Stockton had treated everyone with contempt her whole life, no one attended her funeral.
contemptible (adj.) despicable, heinous The judge sentenced the contemptible man to a lifetime in prison.
culpable (adj.) blameworthy, guilty Because you acted as the getaway driver during the robbery, you are also culpable of the robbery itself.
denigrate (verb) belittle, disparage I would never succeed in the corporate world because I could never denigrate others in order to move ahead in business.
deprecate (verb) disapprove, belittle Coach Jones is a good coach because she does not deprecate her players even when they make mistakes.
deride (verb) make fun of The movie critic took every opportunity to deride the A-list actor for making the awful film.
derogatory (adj.) disparaging, belittling When talking about his rival, the politician made a derogatory statement that became a trending topic on Twitter.
discount (verb) disregard The employer discounted the rumors she had heard about the prospective employee and offered him a job at the company.
disparage (verb) belittle, deride, criticize Spreading false rumors about Judy will unfairly disparage her reputation.
eulogy (noun); eulogize (verb) praising speech typically after someone has died At the funeral service, John used the eulogy to fondly recall his father’s dedication to the homeless.
extol (verb) praise I got angry when my family would extol my brother’s accomplishments and ignore all the good things I did.
laud (verb); laudatory (adj.) praise The company decided to laud Yasmine’s outstanding contributions to the firm.
noxious (adj.) poisonous, harmful The firefighters were overwhelmed by the noxious flames and had to evacuate the burning building.
reprehensible (adj.) disgraceful, dishonorable Most people would agree that stealing is reprehensible.
reprimand (noun/verb) criticism, rebuke The policeman’s warning was my reprimand for speeding in rainy weather.
reproach (noun) disgrace, scandal As a law enforcement officer, Alex must always make sure his behavior is above reproach.
scathing (adj.) harshly critical The scathing remarks brought tears to my eyes.
slight (verb) insult, snub Angela slighted her older brother by not inviting him to her wedding.
spurn (verb) reject with contempt I’ll never understand why my cousin chose to spurn the chance to join us on our family cruise to the Bahamas.
tirade (noun) critical speech The police arrested my Uncle Jack after he refused to end his tirade outside the courthouse.
tout (verb) brag, flaunt As James tried to sell me a car, he went out of his way to tout the features of the most expensive vehicle on the lot.
assail (verb) attack, assault Because fits of sneezing assail me almost year-round, I never go outside without taking an antihistamine.
Created by: WiseStranger
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