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Short Story Eng. IV

"The Dinner Party"...

Spacious Vast or ample in extent; roomy
Impulse Sudden strong urge to act
Forfeit Lose or deprived of property, right, or privilege
Emerge Move out of or away from something and come into view
Attache A person on the staff of an ambassador
Veranda A roofed platform on the outside of a house
Rafters Internal beams extending to the peak of a roof
Arresting Striking; Eye catching
Sobers Make or become more serious
Feeble Lacking physical strength
Haggard Looking exhausted and unwell
Keen Having eagerness or enthusiasm
Trivial Of little value or importance
Vague Of unclear character or meaning
Weary Feeling or showing tiredness
Retort Say something in answer to a remark or accusation
Dastardly Wicked or cruel
Eccentric Unconventional; Slightly strange
Swindle Use deception to take something from someone
Amicable Having a spirit of friendliness
Perjury Willingly not telling the truth after taking an oath to do so
Animosity Strong hostility
Malicious Intending to do harm
Fabrication Act of inventing something
Exuberance Quality of being full of energy, excitement, or cheerfulness
Created by: mabrooks
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