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Revision of VOCAB

FICTIONAL not real, imaginary
SUFFERING a state of undergoing pain or distress
MONUMENT a statue or other structure made in honour of someone/something
REMOVED take smth off or away
DECIPHER decode, convert something in code to normal language
SUFFICIENT enough, as much as you need
TIMES GONE BY moments that have already passed (from the past)
MIRACULOUS like a miracle completely unexpected
ARTIFICIAL made to copy something, not original
IDENTITY who/what somebody/something is
SATISFY please somebody by giving them what they want
AUTHENTIC real, not a copy
SHED LIGHT ON make a problem easier to understand (e.g. by giving information)
SET UP make a piece of equipment or a machine ready for use
SET OFF start a journey
PUT OFF discourage / cancel an arrangement for a later date
BRING TO LIGHT become known to somebody
BLOW UP to explode
HEAD IN THE CLOUDS when you're not connected to reality
RAY OF SUNSHINE person or a thing that makes life brighter
GO DOWN A STORM to be enthusiastically received by an audience
THROW CAUTION TO THE WIND do smth without thinking logically
CLASSIFY organise information into groups
AUTHORITIES sb who has power to give orders to people
DESTRUCTIVE causing damage
FRAGMENT a small part from something broken
PLAY HAVOC to make something more difficult/confusing
SWEEP AWAY to destroy/damage smth (e.g. by floods)
INHABITANTS a person/animal that lives in a particular place/area
RAPIDLY very fast
THE CLOCK IS TICKING time is passing quickly
HEAD OF in charge of
WEAKENED become weak
ULTIMATELY in the end, finally
DEPICTION showing what someone/something is like in pictures
FRACTURE a break in the bone or other hard material
LIBERATE to free
PLOT events of a story
REVOLUTION change the government of a country (by a violent action)
SUBJECTIVE based on your own opinion / feeling
OBJECTIVE not influenced by personal feelings/opinion
DIE OUT become extinct, disappear
TAKE OVER take control of something
CONCLUDE to believe something as a result of what you've seen
ANALYZE examine the nature of something, especially by separating its parts
PROVE show something is true
OCCUR happen
RESIDENT a person who lives at a particular place
CONSUME to use something (esp. fuel, time)
GATHER come/bring together
TO FEEL UNDER THE WEATHER you are a bit ill
TO BE IN DEEP WATER you are in big trouble
TO BE DOWN TO EARTH you think logically and behave sensibly
Created by: elenachrys
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