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Al-Kitaab P2 Ch.6

Flashcards for the vocabulary from Chapter 6 of Al-Kitaab Part II

thousand الف
environment بيئة
passport جواز سفر
to respect احترم
to carry احمل
to need احتاج
a need حاجة
in need of بحاجة
to push/pay يدفع
motive دافع
the/this world الدنيا
behavior سلوك
to act/behave تصرف
necessary ضروري
injustice ظلم
to give يعطي
rich غني
pride فخر
proud of فخور ب
poor فقير
to mean/intend يقصد
dignity كرامة
to grow up ينشا
piece of advice نصيحة
gift/present هدية
homeland وطن
citizen مواطن
to stop توقف
it was taken اخذ
etc. إلخ
date تاريخ
human being إنسان
to be completed تم
to run يجري
to choose يختار
choice اختيار
embassy سفارة
child طفل
to ask of يطلب
request/application طلب
it was accepted قبل
Jerusalem القدس
to present قدم
to pass/pass by يمر
financial مالي
connections/influential contacts واسطة
situation وظع
Created by: Agouti