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Shakespeare A&E

greatest playwright the English language has ever had or known Shakespeare
life remains an enigma Shakespeare
lived during a time of English expansion, conquest and rising international _____; also a new pride in the nation and in the English language; ___________ was Queen power ; Elizabeth I
1564- born at _________________; baptized on April 26; baptisms usually done 3 days after birth- accepted birth date was ______________ Stratford-on-Avon
3rd child; first boy; two older sisters died infancy; the ______ occurred in Stratford in 1564; a miracle that Shakespeare lived. plague
father-____-leather worker, glove maker; wool dealer’ money lender’ bailiff; fairly well off for the times John
mother-____-farmer’s daughter; quick-witted Mary
attended _______ school; read and wrote in _____ from age 8; long school days; interested in _____ stories; used them in his plays grammar ; Latin ; Roman
first taste of _______ in Stratford; saw festival at near-by town put on by Earl of Leister who owned Kenilworth Castle and was trying to impress Queen Elizabeth; William probably taken to the festival theater
little known about his life from about age 14- 28; left school; might have been ___________ to his father; or a soldier, sailor, or teacher; this period referred to as the “__________” apprenticed ; Lost Years
1582-married _____________ (8-10yrs. older); rumored to be pregnant; daughter, _______, born within a yr.; twins ______ and ______ Anne Hathaway ; Susanna ; Hamnet ; Judith
1580’s-moved to ______ to write and act; had probably started writing in Stratford London
1592-_______ and _______________________, first plays; popular with people, but attacked by critics; accused of being mean spirited, egotistical, tightfisted Henry 6 ' Two Gentlemen of Verona
proof of early writing – a criticism by Green n/a
1590’s-wrote poems, sonnets, and _____ plays
Sonnets-not sure to whom they are addressed; the "_________" and also might be to the ___________________; rumored to perhaps be Shakespeare's _____; two long poems-“Venus and Adonis”, “The Rape of Lucrece”-dedicated to him Dark Lady ; Earl of Southampton ; lover
during the period, plays popular commercially; producers always looking for new play; wrote __ plays 37
made comments in plays that gave some hints to his personal life – _______ marriage; relationship with daughters _________ unhappy ; not close
1590’s-theaters closed due to ______; wrote a poem about it; a fascination with _____- shows in his plays-Hamlet, MacBeth, Julius Caesar; began to write in greater depth plague ; death
1596- __________ dies son Hamnet
became 10% owner in _____________; made his significant money with that Globe Theater
_____________ first play put on in Globe; limited sets; audience had to rely on imagination; women’s parts played by men or boys Julius Caesar
Shakespeare thought of himself as a ____; he “derived stories”, he didn’t make up new ones poet
1600’s- wrote his most profound, __________ plays disturbing
acting company known as ______________________, known as the King's Men, after Elizabeth's death Lord Chaimberlain's Men
1613-Globe ______; marked end of Shakespeare’s career; moved back to Stratford; wealthy; marriage apparently still strained burned
will written in two parts – in early in 1616, the other just before he died; left daughter Susanna and her husband John a doctor in charge of estate; Anne got the _______________ second best bed
Died in _____________; buried at Holy Trinity Church 1616 - April 23
plays finally published in____; former critic Ben Johnson, helped organize the plays into the ___________; 18 of the 37 plays not published until First Folio – could have been lost 1623 ; First Folio
Created by: anne withers
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