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present and past 1

irregular verbs with examples

GO I go to the store on Friday mornings. My neighbor goes to the store on Sundays. WENT I went to the store last Thursday evening.
HAVE I have a headache. My mom has a headache. HAD I had a bad headache last night.
DO I do the laundry when my son does his homework. DID My son and I did our homework together last night.
BE - am, is, are I am sick. My husband is sick, too. My children aren't sick. Thank God! BE- was, were I was sick last week. My husband was sick too. My children weren't sick. Thank God!
COME I usually come to class on time. He comes to class late often. CAME Many people came to the wedding.
GET I always get stuck in traffic in the evening. He gets up at dawn every morning. GOT I got stuck in traffic last night. There was an accident. I got up early this morning.
TAKE The baby takes a nap at noon every day. I take the bus to work. TOOK The baby took two naps today. I was late yesterday. I took the wrong bus.
GROW Children grow up fast. This plant grows better if you do not over-water it. GREW My sisters and I grew up in Germany.
BEGIN Class begins at 6:30 pm. I begin class at 9:00 am sharp. BEGAN The movie began about 15 minutes ago.
MAKE I make fried chicken every Tuesday evening. (cook) My daughter makes her bed every morning. MADE He made pancakes for breakfast this morning. (cooked)
LEAVE I leave work around 6 every evening. He leaves the house at 7 AM on Thursdays. LEFT I left work early today. I left my cell phone at the store.
SLEEP I sleep late on my day off. My husband sleeps about 7 hours a night. SLEPT I slept late because I did not feel good.
LOSE I lose my car keys too often. A. The man is on a diet. B. Did he lose weight? A. Yes, 9 pounds. LOST I lost my cell phone yesterday. He lost 9 pounds.
FORGET Do not forget your lunch. Judith always forgets people's names. FORGOT I forgot my friend's birthday. Mr. Bean forgot to brush his teeth.
BREAK The child always breaks his crayons. In the event of fire, break the glass. You break it. You pay for it. BROKE I broke my favorite vase yesterday. :(
CATCH My son wants to play catch. I throw the ball, and he catches it. I catch the train at 2. Put on your hat and gloves. Do not catch a cold. CAUGHT My son caught the ball. I clapped. I did not drive today. I caught the train.
CAN/CAN'T I can go to the party. I am free that day. My children can't go to school today. They are sick. COULD/COULDN'T I couldn't go to the party. I was too busy. My children caught bad colds. They couldn't go to school for three days.
PET I pet the friendly puppy every time I see it. PET When I was at the zoo last weekend, I pet a giraffe!
WRITE Write these notes in your notebooks. My boss writes emails every day. WROTE Yesterday, I wrote a letter to my friend.
READ I read a story to my children every night. The librarian reads stories to the kids every Saturday. READ (SOUNDS LIKE RED) I read two books last month.
DRIVE I drive to work. The delivery man drives a huge vehicle. DROVE I drove my children to school this week.
FEEL I feel sick right now. My mom feels sick. I will take her to see her doctor. FELT I felt sick yesterday. I could not get up.
OVERSLEEP (sleep too long, sleep late) I need an alarm clock. Without it, I oversleep. My co-worker oversleeps at least once a week. OVERSLEPT My boss was really upset yesterday. Everyone overslept.
HURT After training, the soccer player's legs hurt. After training, the soccer player's right leg hurts. HURT The skater fell. She hurt her shoulder and chin.
SEE I see a rainbow. The baby sees his dad tear paper and laughs. SAW After the bad thunder storm, I saw a pretty rainbow. The baby saw his dad tear the paper and laughed.
SING The guitar player sings at church every Sunday at 10 am. Birds sing at sunrise. SANG We sang la da la da da.
HEAR The children are outside. I hear their loud voices. The child cries when she hears thunder. HEARD I heard a noise. What was that?
SPEND My wife spends a lot of money on gas every week. I spend time with my family on the weekends. SPENT I spent 100 dollars yesterday. I spent a lot of time with my dad last week. He was in the hospital.
SIT I sit in the front of the classroom. My sister sits at a desk all day. She is a secretary. SAT I was tired so I sat down for a while.
SPEAK People speak quietly in the library. Dorothy speaks very loudly. SPOKE I spoke to the student privately after our last class.
THINK I think about my family every day. She thinks about homeless people when the weather is really cold. THOUGHT I thought about you yesterday.
TELL I tell the children scary stories on Halloween. The sales assistant tells her customers about discounts. TOLD She told her parents about the bully at school.
EAT Many people eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Muhamed eats a lot of dates, figs, and nuts. He does not like sugary foods or coffee. ATE Dad ate all the ice cream!
DRINK I drink coffee every morning, but Elena drinks tea. DRANK It was so hot yesterday. Everyone drank a lot of water.
STAND Americans stand when we sing our national song. Maria stands when her back hurts. STOOD Everyone stood and clapped after the singer's concert. She was great!
BUY I buy milk and eggs twice a week. Many buy bouquets of flowers for their moms on Mother's Day. BOUGHT For my birthday, students bought me flowers and candy.
Created by: murmansk
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