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4A TEST Units# 5-7

4A Test for Units# 5-7

exhort to try and make someone do something; strongly urge
implicit not really stated clearly; implied; assumed
inveigle to win over with trickery or flattery
nondescript nothing stands out; not memorable; not having individual characteristics
nonentity a person or thing of little or no importance
parsimonious to be cheap; too economical; stingy; miserly
scurrilous bad language; use of indecent language; foulmouthed
sundry different items; various; miscellaneous
vociferous loud and noisy; demanding
dogma personal views; strong set of personal beliefs
erro mistake
trans across
guile tricking someone; cunning; deceit
sanguine naturally cheerful and hopeful; confident
tele distance
protégé studying under another person; career is helped by a more influential person
amorphous in a blob; shapeless; not organized
seraphic acting good; angelic; of the highest order of angels
facile easily done; not sincere or profound
ascetic not having a lot of money or possessions; self-denying; a person who practices self-denial
doggerel badly written or trivial verse
decorum proper action, speech, dress; polite behavior
proffer to offer
charlatan a fake; a quack; an imposter
etymology the study of the word’s origin; the source of a word
broach introduce; mention for the first time
erudite really smart; having or displaying extensive knowledge; scholarly
extol to praise highly
gratuitous lacking good reason; unearned; uncalled for
immutable never changing; unalterable
venerate to regard with deep respect, honor, or esteem
predispose to create or possess a tendency in advance; to make susceptible
truism an obvious truth
per through
ex out of, from
medius middle
micros small
minus negative quality
magnus great; important
pre before
Created by: Mrs. Washok
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