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Subjunctive Irreg

Spanish Irregular subjunctive verbs

Subjunctive Triggers Advice, recommendation, doubt, uncertainty, denial, opinion, emotion, value judgement, influencing another's behavior. If the situation is hypothetical.
Not Subjunctive Trigger Transmitting information, certainty, belief, if the subject is known.
salir salga salgas salga salgamos salgais salgan
pienso piense pienses piense pensamos pensais piensan
pierdo pierda pierdas pierda perdamos perdais pierdan
contar cuenta cuentas cuenta contamos contais cuentan
volver vuelva vuelvas vuelva volvamos volvais vuelvan
dormir duerma duermas duerma dormamos dormais duerman
sentir sienta sientas sienta sentamos sentais sientan
pedir pida pidas pida pedamos pedais pidan
creer que indicative
no dudar que indicative
es cierto que indicative
es claro que indicative
es evicente que indicative
es obvio que indicative
estar seguro que indicative
es verdad que indicative
no cabe duda que indicative
no es dudoso que indicative
no hay duda que indicative
no creer que subjunctive don't believe that
dudar que subjunctive doubt
no es cierto que subjunctive isn't certain that
no es claro que subjunctive isn't clear that
no es evidente que subjunctive isn't evident that
no es obvio que subjunctive isn't obvious that
no estar seguro que subjunctive not sure that
no es verdad que subjunctive isn't true that
cabe duda que subjunctive there is doubt that
es dudoso que subjunctive it is doubtful that
hay duda que subjunctive is doubtful that
Second part of sentence has certainty or objectivity indicative
Second part of sentence doesn't introduce objectivity subjunctive
Subjunctive ar verbs e es e emos eis en
Subjunctive er/ir verbs a as a amos ais an
Imperfect Subjunctive ar verbs ara aras ara aramos arais aran
Imperfect Subjunctive er/ir verbs iera ieras iera ieramos ierais ieran
a menos que subjunctive unless
antes (de) que subjunctive before
con tal (de) que subjunctive provided that
en caso de que subjunctive in case
para que subjunctive so that
sin que subjunctive without
despues de que subjunctive if it hasn't happened after
en cuanto subjunctive if it hasn't happened as soon as
hasta que subjunctive if it hasn't happened until
mientras que subjunctive if it hasn't happened while
tan pronto como subjunctive if it hasn't happened as soon as
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