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This stack will include Shakespeare's life, Dramatic terms, and The Globe.

Who was in power in England when Shakespeare wrote? Queen Elizabeth |
When was Shakespeare born? Spring 1564
Shakespeare had to translate text from English to______ and vice versa> Latin
How many children did Shakespeare have? 3
What was Shakespeare's children's names? Suzanna, Hamnet Judith
Shakespeare was know as a____,_____,_____ writer,actor,playwright
Shakespeare wrote? poems,sonnets,and plays
Shakespeare was in London for how many years? 20 years
How many plays did Shakespeare write in London 37 plays
Where could it have been cheaper for Shakespeare to write his plays? The pub.
How many people died a week because of the plague 1,000 a week
If you had symptom of the plague you had a _____ percent chance of surviving. 70%
Shakespeare was fascinated with? Death
When did his son die? 1596
What was the name of the play that twisted is sons name? Hamlet
What percent did Shakespeare own of the Globe Theater 10%
Shakespeare described himself as being a_____? Poet
Who was crowned king James
What was the name of Shakespeare's acting group? The King's Men
The burning of the globe marked the end of? Shakespeare's career
How old was Shakespeare when he died? 52
what did the Flag signify? (The Globe Theater) Which type of play was being performed.
Where was the upper stage? (The Globe Theater) Was above the stage usually used for balcony scenes>
Where and what was the"heavens"?(The Globe Theater) It was directly above the stage and was used for protecting the actors from the sun.
Where and what were the "Galleries"?(The Globe Theater) Was a three seating section which costed more than the Open Yard.
What was the Tiring House?(The Globe Theater) Usually used for dressing and storage room.
What was the Inner Stage?(The Globe Theater) Used for indoor scenes and had a curtain that would open or close for scene change>
What was the main stage?(The Globe Theater) This is where most of the action was taking place.
What was the Trapdoor?(The Globe Theater) usually referenced as hell was a trap door in the middle of the Main Stage used to play ghosts and witches.
What was the Open Yard?(The Globe Theater) This is where the regular civilian would watch the play from usually surrounding the Main Stage.
Tragedy A drama that ends in catastrophe.
Tragic hero The main character in a tragedy.
Soliloquy An act of speaking ones thoughts aloud.
Aside A statement by a character that is heard by the audience , but is not by the actors in the actual play.
Iambic Pentameter A line of verse with five metrical feet,each consisting of one short(or unstressed)Syllable followed by one long(or stressed) syllable.
Sonnet A poem of 14 lines
Couplet Two line of verse, usually in the same meter and joined by a rhyme, that form a unit.
Stanza group of lines or verse.
Quatrain A stanza of four lines especially one having alternate rhymes.
Foil A character's personality or attitudes are closely related to another character in the same work.
Created by: gervais.joshua12