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Tenses mats

Tenses Mats

Español English
Hoy today
El lunes on Monday
Los lunes on Mondays
Por la mañana in the morning
Por la tarde in the evening
Por la noche at night
Cada día everyday
Cada lunes every Monday
Frecuentemente frequently
A menudo often
A veces sometimes
Voy I go
Juego I play (sport)
Hago I do
Monto I ride
Uso I use
Utilizo I use/ utilize
Salgo I leave/ go out
Toco I play (instrument)
Suelo + inf I tend to + inf
al colegio to school
de compras shopping
al cine to the cinema
de vacaciones on holidays
de paseo for a walk
al fútbol football
al baloncesto basketball
al tenis tennis
al vóleibol volleyball
mis deberes homework
mi cama my bed
de canguro babysitting
en bici by bike
en moto by motorbike
a caballo horse
mi móvil my mobile
mi ordenador my computer
mi tableta my tablet/ iPad
mi portátil my laptop
con mis amigos with my friends
por la noche at night
el sábado on Saturday
la guitarra guitar
ir.. to go/ going
comer.. to eat/ eating
beber… to drink/ drinking
estudiar… to study/ studying
salir… to go out/ going out
repasar… to revise/ revising
ir de paseo… to go for a walk/ going for a walk
es it is
son they are
no es it's not
no son they aren't
me parece(n) it/ they me
sería(n) it/ they would be
hay there is/ are
no hay there isn't/ aren't
me gusta(n) I like
me interesa(n) I'm interested in
me fascina(n) I'm fascinated by
me chifla(n) I'm really into
deberíamos + inf We should + inf
hace it's (weather)
está(n) it's (location)
(no) está(n) it's not (location)
vale la pena it's work it/ while
paga (bien) it pays (well)
me pagan they pay me
resulta en it leads to/ results in
genera it generates
más more
meno less
Created by: WelshPolyglot
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