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for WT and BC T February 2019

wordsame meaning
surname family name, last name
a capital letter an uppercase letter
a lowercase letter a small letter
physician doctor, Dr.
nation country
gift present
what time when
noon midday, 12:00 pm
midnight 12:00 am
sunrise dawn
autumn fall
near close
What's the matter? What's wrong? What's the problem?
How do you feel? How are you?
directions instructions
fix repair
elbow funny bone
stomach tummy
belly button navel
honor love and respect
earn work hard for
finish end
begin start
took place happened
passed away died
community neighborhood
decade 10 years
century 100 years
abdominal in the stomach
patient sick person
liberty freedom
ferry boat
out of order not working
drowsy sleepy
stomach pain tummy ache
assistant helper
time in start time
time out end time
make dinner cook
a penny 1 cent
a nickel 5 cents
a dime 10 cents
a quarter 25 cents
employee worker
What do you do? What is your job?
get dressed put on clothes
take off clothes get undressed
bills paper money
coins metal (gold/silver/copper) money
do laundry wash clothes
beverages drinks
a fluid water
I feel well. I am healthy.
a check up yearly doctor visit
no openings no appointment times (busy doctor) no jobs
sure, of course okay, yes
come in enter
vehicles machines like cars, buses, trucks
Take on an empty stomach. Do not eat or drink.
P.M. Take at night.
dizzy feeling of spinning
May cause drowsiness. This medicine can make you fall asleep.
advice a suggestion
go to the movies see a movie
Why? What for? (for what reason)
a day off You do not work.
New Year's Day a holiday
a, an one
hope feeling that something good will happen
all of the time always
most of the time usually
once in a while sometimes
patient sick person
relatives family members
out of reach unable to be touched
out of sight unable to be seen
oral near the mouth
nasal near the nose
half dollar 50 cents
daily every day
diner a restaurant
dinner a meal
tiny really small
huge really big
once one time
twice two times
Created by: murmansk



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