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Spanish family words

Palabras usado con las familias

cariñoso loving
decepcionado disappointed
exigente demanding
orgulloso proud
egoísta selfish
inquieto restless
mimado spoiled
travieso mischievous
abusar to abuse/bully
alabar to praise
compartir to share
engañar to deceive
hacer caso a to pay attention to
mudarse to move (home)
quejarse to complaint (about)
recomendar to recommend
disfuncional dysfunctional
intimo close (relationship)
conservador conservative
estricto strict
mandón bossy male
envidioso envious
malcriado ill-mannered
sumiso submissive
agradecer to thank
castigar to punish
criarse to bring up/to be raised
extrañar to miss (someone/thing)
lamentar to regret
pelearse to fight
aconsejar to advise
sugerir to suggest
estrecho close (relationship)
unido close-knit
comprensivo understanding
entrometido meddlesome
involucrado involved
protector protective
ensimismado self-centered
insoportable unbearable
rebelde rebelleous
acostumbrarse to adjust (to)
apoyar to support (emotionally)
contar con to count on
esconder to hide
heredar to inherit
obedecer to obey
regañar to scold
rogar to beg
estable stable
pésimo awful/terrible
los antepasados ancestors
la benjamina baby of family (girl)
la gemela twin girl
la hermanastra stepsister
el hijo único only boy child
la madrastra stepmother
la media hermana half-sister
el amor propio self-esteem
la brecha generacional generation gap
la comprensión understanding
los modales manners
el benjamín baby of family
el gemelo twin boy
el hermanastro stepbrother
adoptivo adopted
la hija única only girl child
el medio hermano half-brother
el padrastro stepfather
el apodo nickname
el comportamiento behavior
el logro accomplishment
el raíz root
mandona bossy female
Created by: GabesMom
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