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Endocrine System


Gynecomastia Ginecomostia
Calcitonin Calcitonina
Gotier Bocio
Acidosis Acidosis
Diabetes Diabetes
Exophatmos Exoftalmos
Fasting Blood Sugar Glucemia en Ayunas
Myxedina Mixdema
Hot Flashes Sofocos
OGTT Prueba Oral De tolerancia a la lactosa
Thyroidectomy Tiroidectomia
Oxytocin Oxitocina
Hypopituitarism Hipopituitarismo
Metformin Metformina
Polydipsia Polidipsia
Pineal Gland Glandula Pineal
Parathynoid Gland Glandula Paratiroides
Tetany Tetania
Glucometer Glucometro
Device Dispositivo
Test Strip Tiras Reactivas
Gather Reunir
Lancents Lancetas
Cotton Algodon
Log book Diario del diabetico
Pocke Pinchar
Check Revisar
Pre-pad Toallita
Tip Finger Yema de los dedos
Meter Medidor
Clot Coagular
Tip Consejo
Supplies Suministros
Enroll Participar
Expired Caducado
Right Attitude Actitud Correcta
Limb Extremidad
Overwhelmed Abrumado
Healthy Saludable
Outpatient Paciente ambulatorio
Starchy Food Comida Almidonada
Handout Folleto
Hesitate Duda
Synthesize Sintetizar
Bloodstream Torrente Sanguineo
Thymus Tino
Build Up Acumular
Muscle Wasting Desgaste Muscular
Diabetic Hyperosmolar Syndrome Sindrome Hiperosmolar
Behavioral Conductual
Seizure Convulsion
Strenous Duro
Patoja Boy/Girl
CarcaƱal Heel
Baranda Handrail
Supura/Escurrir Drain
Agua Oxigenada Hydrogen Peroxide
Educated Guess Estar casi seguro
Congenital Rubella Rubeola Congenita
Coxsackievirus Virus Coxsackie
Measles Sarampion
Chickenpox Varicela
Smallpox Viruela
Pernicious Anemia Anemia Perniciosa
MS Esclerosis Multiple
RBG Prueba glucosa en la sangre al azar
Glycated haemoglobin Hemoglobina glicada
Gangrene Gangrena
Supply Suministro
Stem Deriva de
Supply Suministro
Drug Therapy Medicamente
Urges Ganas de
Created by: AnaHamilton47
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