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Tener que/Ir a/ Prox

close to cerca de
far from lejos de
next to al lado de
on top of encima de
on top of sobre de
below debajo de
in front of delante de
behind detras de
in front of enfrente de
I'm going to the gym. Voy al gimnasio.
You are going to the park. Vas al parque.
He is going to the bathroom. Va al bano.
We are going to work. Vamos al trabajo.
Y'all (Spain) are going to the library. Vais a la biblioteca.
They are going to the pool. Van a la piscina.
I am going to listen. Voy a escuchar.
You are going to rest. Vas a descansar.
He is going to run. Va a correr.
We are going to read. Vamos a leer.
Y'all (Spain) are going to play soccer. Vais a jugar futbol.
They are going to play the trumpet. Van a tocar la trompeta.
I have to eat. Tengo que comer.
You have to speak. Tienes que hablar.
He has to drink water. Tiene que beber agua.
We have to watch movies. Tenemos que mirar peliculas.
Y'all (Mexico) have to draw. Tienen que dibujar.
They have to dance. Tienen que bailar.
I'm hot. Tengo calor.
You're ashamed. Tienes verguenza.
She's hungry. Tiene hambre.
We're cold. Tenemos frio.
Y'all (Spain) are thirsty. Teneis sed.
They are sleepy. Tienen sueno.
My arm hurts. Tengo dolor de brazo.
You're in a hurry. Tienes prisa.
She's afraid of grapes. Tiene miedo de uvas.
We're jealous. Tenemos Celos.
Y'all (Spain) are confident. Teneis confianza.
They are careful. Tienen cuidado.
Created by: WoodAmanda