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Easy Spanish 126

Latina Living in Spain

A tope to the fullest or at 100%
coñazo annoying or pain in the butt (sort of a bad word, but not terrible)
dejar la fiesta en paz to stay out of it or to not "get into it" about something or with someone
hasta ahora like saying "hasta luego" in Spain
vale something you can say to express agreement (like saying "ok")
acercar to get close
animar to encourage
contactar to get in contact
contextualizar to put something into context
experimentar to experience
extrañar to miss (a person or a thing) (like, I miss my mom)
fluir to flow, or to happen easily
influir to influence
observar to observe
pasear to walk about a place, or to go out in the fresh air
retener to retain
utilizar to use, to take advantage of a service or a thing
abierto open - can be used to describe a person as being "open" as well
relajado relaxed
seguro safe
tranquilo calm
arepa Colombian/Venezuelan dish of a corn tortilla filled with meat
clase presencial an in-person class (as opposed to an online class)
conexión connection between people
consejo advice
dia festivo national holiday / day off
especialidad specialty
extranjero foreigner
plátano verde plantain
recomendación recommendation
tortilla de juevo kind of like an omelette, usually served with potatoes
Created by: Khugger
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