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Root/Affix Lesson 8

dehydrated the state in which a large amount of water has been lost or removed from the body or from food
hydrant a pipe in or near the street that provides water, especially for putting out fires.
hydrate to add water or moisture to something; to supply something with water
hydraulic operated by the pressure of a fluid
hydroplane to slide on a wet road because a thin layer of water on the road causes tires to lose contact with it
maintenance the act of maintaining something or someone; the act of causing something to exist or continue without changing; the act of providing support
consequence something that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditions
ambivalence a state of having very different feelings (such as love and hate) bout someone or something at the same time.
consciousness the condition of being conscious; the normal state of being away and able to understand what is happening around you
fondness a feeling or showing of love or friendship; strongly felt, having a liking for or love of someone or something
Created by: gretablack