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Review - 12-14

bio, chron, dict

persona what others believe about you that may or may not be true
turmoil to be in a state of great uncertainty and confusion
decipher to identify and understand something apart from the rest
epiphany having a big moment of clarity and understanding about someone or something
vulnerable to be weak and at risk of physical or emotional harm
poised to be confident and sefl-assured in who you are
justify to have a good reason to do or say something
strife a conflict or disagreement that leaves people feeling angry
backlash a strong reaction to something, how people respond to actions
acclaim praise for someone in a public setting
impending something that is about to happen
daunting a task that feels overwhelming and difficult intimidating
terrain a stretch of land with a specific physical feature, like mountains, rivers, or plains
mastermind a smart person responsible for a big idea or plan
perilous something that is full of danger and risk
decree an official order given by a person in power that makes it a law
covert a plan or action that is a secret and not openly told or seen by everyone
adversary someone who is against you in a conflict or a contest
elaborate having many carefully planned parts or details, can be complicated
dictate to speak or read something to a person who writes it down; to decree
dictionary a reference book in which spoken or written words are defined
benediction blessing
dict to say or speak
bio life
biology the study of living things
biodiversity the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem.
biodegradable Capable of being broken down by bacteria and other decomposers.
chron time
chronological (adj) arranged in or relating to time order
chronic Long-standing, constant.
chronicle a record of events in order of time; a history
Created by: mrsgannon