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aerobics a type of exercise
archery sport in which the players shoots arrows at a target using a bow
baseball game played by two teams using a ball and bat
bowling game in which a heavy ball is rolled from one end of a wooden alley towards wooden pins set up at the opposite end
boxing sport that involves fighting with fists
bungee jumping activity done by jumping off sth high above the ground whilst attached to a long elastic rope
challenge a difficult situation that demands effort
competitive eager to be more successful than other people
conveyor a moving device used for moving on a surface
extreme great in amount
float lie on or just below the surface of a liquid
freedom the state of not being controlled
gaze look steadily at sb or sth for a long time
grab take sth or pick it up saddenly and roughly, snatch
gymnastics physical exercises performed indoors, often using bars, rings and ropes
hang gilding to fly with a kite like aircraft
height measurement from the bottom of the top of sth
ice skating sport in which you move across ice using special boots
individual of only one person or thing
indoor inside a building
injury physical harm
lane narrow path on an athletics track which is marked by lines
lead to to result in
martial arts methods of fighting that come frome the Far East, like kunf fu and karate
outdoor sth done in the open air, outside
paitball a game in guns that fair paint
paragliding jumping off a hill or tall building while weraing a special parachute, which allows you to control the way you land
require to need
skydiving activity where people jump out of an aeroplane and float through the sky, sometimes joining with others before pulling parachutes open
snow tubing sport of moving across the snow in an inflated tube
squash game for two or four people played in a marked indoors area by hitting a small ball against a wall
team describing something a group of people do
training preparation or education for a sport, an academic subject or a job
zip lining activity where people travel down a cable suspended above a slope in a harness
addictive sth that you cannot stop doing
anti – snake venom remedy for a snake bite
asphalt a black sticky substance that becomes hard and is used to make roads
battle (n) a fight
battle (v) to try hard to achieve sth difficult
beat to be better than another activity or person
bitterly cold extremely cold
blister a painful red swelling on the skin
blizzard severe snow storm
boundary the limit of a person
challenging very difficult and tests your abilities
checkpoint a place on a route where people are stopped and checked
compass a device that points north
competitor a person in a competition
considerable large/important
deepen to make or become deeper
deepen understanding help sb understand sth better
deprivation without the things necessary for a nice life
endurance event an activity that tests sb’s stamina
entire whole
exposed having no protection from the weather
finishing line the end of a race
gravels small stones used to make road surfaces
hardship difficult and upleasant conditions
hostile unfriendly
limit the greatest level of sth possible
look forward to anticipate sth with happiness
mentally strong strong – willed
plunge drop quickly
push your boundaries test your limits
range to have an upper and a lower limit
ration to restrict the amount of sth sb can have
requirement a need/necessity
sand dune a large mound of sand
shade slight darkness caused by sth blocking the sun
sled a wooden vehicle for travelling across snow/ice
soar to rise quickly
strictly in a very limited way
terrain area of land
territory an area of land belonging to sb
torture a very unpleasant experience
tough difficult
ultimate thrill the most exciting experience
uneven not smooth/bumpy
unpredictable likely to change suddenly without reason
wilderness an area of land unsuitable for growing crops because of bad land or weather conditions
willpower determination
afraid of scared, felling fear
athlete a person who is skilled in a sport
at risk in a dangerous situation
audience a group of people gathered to watch sth
bat a broad piece of wood with a long handle used to play cricket and baseball
blow my whistle make a loud sound blowing a small metal/object
boxer a person skilled in the sport of boxing
build up muscles exercise the mass of tissue in one’s body
catch to take hold of something
champion person or team who has won a competition
coach instructor, tutor
contest a competition
court an area for playing a game like tennis or basketball
cyclist a person who rides a bicycle
damage to harm, to destroy
deal with to be about sth
defender a person whose main task is to try and stop the other side from scoring
discus a round, plate – like object used in a sport
essential extremely important, absolutely necessary
event an organised competition
group a number of people or things that are put together or considered as a unit
headgear any type of protection for the head
high jump a sport in which athletes try to jump over a bar
hurdles frames for jumping over in a race
hurt to feel pain after injuring oneself
javelin a long spear used in sorts competitions
key very important
long jump a sport in which a person jumps as far forward as they can
main leading or central
miss to not go somewhere or do sth because of being unable
on the whole generally
personal trainer a person who teaches someone how to exercise individually, not in a group
physical strenght body power
pitch an area of ground that is marked and used for playing a game such as baseball, soccer, etc
place a particular spot of area
pleasure a feeling of happiness
point individual mark which is added to make a total score
pole vault a sport in which you use a long stick to jump over a high bar
pool small area of still water
position the place where sth is, in relation to sth else
puck the small rubber disc in a game of ice hockey
put aside keep sth to be used at a later time, save
put off to delay doing sth untill later
put on to get dressed in sth
put up with to torelate
referee an official who controls a spotrs event and ensures rules are followed
relay a type of race where you pass sth from one oerson to another
remove to take sth away
ring a place where boxing or wrestling takes place
rink a large area covered with ice for ice skating, or concrete for roller skating
score to achieve a number or an amount of points
serve to throw a ball or shuttlecock up and hit it to start a game
shuttlecock a small object used in the game of badminton, which is rounded at one end and has real or artificial feathers fixed to the other end
society a large group of people sharing laws, traditions, etc
spectacor sb who watches a sporting event
team a group of people who do sth together, especially a sport
throw to move the hand quickly and let the object you are holding go so that it files through the air
tournament a sports competition
track a narow road or path
umpire a person whose job is to make sure that a sports match (e.g. of baseball, tennis or cricket) is played fairly and that rules are not broken
viewer a person who watches television
win to achieve a prize for coming first in a competition or race
winner someone who is successful in a competition
agility the ability to move quickly and easily
arena level area with seating where sports or other events take place
beneficial helpful and good
brochure booklet containinig pictures and information about sth, often holiday places
combatant a person who fights
discipline self control
evolve gradually develop
hazardous dangerous
hire use sb’s services or sth in return for payment
lane swimming swimming in designated rows in a pool
memembership state of belonging to a private group, club, eyc
muti – purpose hall an area inside a building with many uses
relatively to a certain degree
steam room a steam – filled and heated room to cause sweating
unlimited access use with no restrictions
cooperation skills the ability to work well with others
dedicate to devote
discipline a particular area of study, especially a subject studied at a college or university
like – minded compatible, agreeing
mental health state of psychological well – being
peers people who belong to the same age or social group
physical fitness healthy and strong body
responsibility duty which one must do and must make decisions about
sense of responsibility the quality of a person to be trusted to do what is excepeted
attempt to try
colossal very big
depend on to trust sb to do what you asked/to help
effort physical/mental activity to try to do sth
have a go attempt sth
massive very big
rely on to trust sb and expect them to do sth
trial and error experimentation
trust to have confidence in sb/sth
turn to to ask sb for help
vast huge
wide having great width
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