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2019 CPT Updates

2019 CPT Coding Updates

How many total changes were made to CPT 2019? 335 (new, deleted and revised codes)
Where are annual coding updates published? Appendix B of the CPT coding manual
Where can you purchase the CPT coding manual? The American Medical Association website?
CPT 2019 updates affected which areas of the manual? Introduction, Evaluation and Management Section, Anesthesia Section, Surgery Section, Radiology Section, Pathology and Laboratory Section, Medicine Section, Category III, and Appendices
CPT instructional notes in the article are delineated as new codes are ____________ and deleted notes are _______________. underlined; crossed out
What does the CPT 2019 new code symbol for proprietary laboratory analyses test stand for? Duplicate codes
PLA stands for what? Proprietary Labortary Analyses
Duplicate PLA codes are reported for some propriety clinical laboratory analysis (provided by a single laboratory or licensed or marketed to multiple providing laboratories that have been cleared or approved by)? The Food and Drug Administration
Where are PLA codes included? Appendix O (where the proprietary name of the procedure is located)
True of False: The descriptor language of some PLA codes are identical, and codes can differentiated by other factors aside from proprietary names listed in Appendix O. False: PLA codes can only be differentiated by properietary names listed in Appendix O.
PLA codes are denoted by what? PLA symbol
Which sections of the Evaluation and Management section were subject to changes? Critical Care Services, Home Services, Prolonged Services, Interprofessional Telephone/Internet/Electronic Health Record Consultations, Digital Stored Data Services/Remote Physiologic Monitoring, Remote Physiologic Monitoring Treatment Management Services
Which sections of the Evaluation and Management section contained changes to instructional notes only? Inpatient Neonatal Intensive Care Services and Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Services, Care Management Services, Psychiatric Collaborative Care Management, and Transitional Care Management Services
Instructional notes should be ____________ ____________ prior to assigning codes from the following subsections (and headings). Carefully reviewed
Which Evaluation and Management headings consist of instructional notes changes? Pediatric Critical Care Patient Transport and Chronic Care Management Services
True or False: Two notes were revised in the Critical Care Services subsection. True
The first revised note in the Critical Care Services subsection __________ code 99090, and the second revised note deleted the __________ ____________. deleted; last statement
The Home Services subsection contains a revised note that defines what is meant by? "Home"
The Prolonged Service Without Direct Patient Contract heading in the Prolonged Services subsection contains one revised note below which code? 99359
The interprofessional Telephone/Internet/Electronic Health Record Consultations subsection was revised to add what to its name? Electronic Health Record
Subsection notes were revised to add codes, add "electronic helath record" as a type of ____________, and ___________ certain statements and terms that are no longer relevant. consultation; delete
Which codes were revised to add "electronic health record" as a type of assessment and management service? 99446, 99447, 99448, 99449
Codes added to clasify services that include only a written report 99451, 99452
What was aded to report remote physiologic monitoring services (ex: weight, blood pressure, pulse oximetry) during a 30-day period? The New Digital Stored Data Services/Remote Physiologic Monitoring subsection
Codes 99453 and 99454 were add for what reason? To report the set-up/patient education of the device and supply of the device for daily recording or programmed aler transmissions, respectively.
True or False: Codes 99453 and 99454 are to be reported when monitoring is less than 16 days. False
Code relocated from the Miscellaneous Services heading of the Special Services, Procedures and Reports subsection within the Medicine section to the new Digitally Stored Data Services/Remote Physiologic Monitoring subsection 99091
Organization which must define a remote physiologic monitoring device as a medical device? Federal Drug Administration
Subsection added to classify the provision of service when the clinical staff/physician/other qualified healthcare professional uses results to manage a patient's treatment plan. Remote Physiological Monitoring Treatment Management Services
True or False: Just one code was added to the Remote Physiologic Monitoring Treatment Management Services subsection. True! Evaluation and Management Code 99457 was added
Created by: jr84
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