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CLB 8 Stress Sentenc

stress I started a new job last week, my daughter has had the flu for a week and I just found out that my cousin passed away. I sure have a lot of __ right now.
stressed out Wow, I feel so __ __ these days. My manager is always looking over my shoulder. She also expects me to work a lot of overtime.
anxious Tomorrow is the CELPIP test and I'm feeling so __ about it. I need to prove my English listening and speaking level for my Canadian Citizenship application. If I don't get a good result, then what?
anxiety Tomorrow is the CELPIP test and I have so much __ about it. I need to prove my English listening and speaking level for my Canadian Citizenship application. If I don't get a good result, then what?
tense When I feel stressed, my whole body feels __.
distracted When I can’t concentrate, I get __ really easily. It’s hard to focus and get my work done.
cope with Settling in a new country is hard, no question ! Many newcomers find it hard to __ __ all the challenges, but it’s important to find ways to manage the stress.
deal He found it really hard to __ with his son's suicide. After that, he was depressed for a long time.
chronic pain Not only does is having trouble finding work in his field but he is also struggling with __ __.
handle I'm not sure how to __ my boss's request that I take on both Maria's and Hugo's job duties while they are away for a month.
temper My coworker loses his __ almost every day. He gets angry about every little thing. It's really stressful to work with him.
insomnia Not getting enough sleep is awful! In fact, suffering from __ can lead to serious mental and physical health problems. It's important to get support and medical help from a doctor.
tension When I go for a massage, the massage therapist always tells me that my neck and shoulder muscles are tense. I know that I carry a lot of __ there.
pressure They let another employee go in his work-place and are not rehiring for that position. He’s under a lot of __ to take on more and more work. His manager just expects him do all the tasks that former employee did!
chill out My roommate reminded me how important it is to __ __ everyday. So, I’m trying to make sure I do that. Taking time to relax on a regular basis is key if I don’t want to get sick.
batteries I need to recharge my __. I'm just feeling so burned out. I'm going to take a month off school and spend some time taking care of myself and getting my energy back.
self-talk I watched a video about managing stress. One of the suggestions that really resonated for me was about positive __-__ . When you feel a situations is too challenging and you just want to give up, you tell yourself “I can do it! I can handle this ”.
self-care Taking time for __-__ is one of the keys to coping with stress. When you take care of yourself, your own needs, then your mental and physical health stays strong.
juggle I feel like I’m trying to __ too many things at once. Work demands, my teenager going through puberty, the neighbor always complaining about noise, ... It just gets to be too much sometimes !
burned out (burnt out) I'm getting __ __. In my workplace, it seems working 12 hour days has become the norm.
depressed My classmate, Fatimeh, hasn't been to school for three months. I heard from another classmate that she is really __ . She cries a lot and doesn't want to do anything except stay in bed.
Depression ___ is more common in society than we think. In fact, come to think of it, I know several people who say they are depressed.
exhausted She is a single mother and has a child with special needs (mental and physical challenges). Caring for a child like that is hard and she is always ___.
concentrate I've been finding it so hard to ___ lately. I just can't focus on anything. I think it's because I'm so stressed out.
calm Daily meditation is one way to help cope with stress. It can help you stay more balanced and ___.
exhausting Being the only caregiver for her three young kids, as well as her aging parents, who both have dementia, is ___ for her. She has no energy left by the end of the day.
blue I don't know what's wrong with me. I seem to feel ___ lately. Maybe I need more sunshine!
Created by: JanisFair
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