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Wild Words 2019-2020

Terms, Definitions, and Roots

Monotheism The belief in one God
Prefix- Mono- One
Hyperventilate to breathe at an extremely rapid rate.
Prefix- Hyper- Excess or exaggerated
Ominous(ly) threat of evil or harm that is coming soon.
Root Word- Omen- foreboding something to come
Distort twist the meaning; change the shape of something
Root Word- tort(torque)- to twist
Aptitude a natural ability to do something.
Suffix- Tude- changes words into abstract nouns
Disproportionate too large or small in comparison with the rest.
Prefix- dis not
Intervene to come between for the purpose of altering an outcome or result
Prefix- inter- between
Subconscious the part of the mind that we are not fully aware of, but it influences our actions and reactions
Prefix- sub- under
Neurology Study/Treatment of disorders of the central nervous system.
Suffix - Ology- The study of
Psychic A person who “sees” phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws
Root word- Psych- spirit; consciousness
Rejuvenate To make something look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively
Prefix- Re- back/backward or again
Proliferation a rapid increase in numbers or reproduction of a cell, part, or organism
Prefix- Pro- beforehand; taking care of
Antibiotic A medicine that inhibits or stops the growth of microorganisms
Prefix- Anti- against or the opposite of
Solitude The state of being alone
Root Word- Sol(us)- alone
Photophobic Extreme sensitivity to light
Root Word- Phobia(phobos)- Irrational fear
Conglomerate a number of different things that are grouped together to make a whole.
Prefix- con- with/thoroughly
Valedictorian a student with the highest academic achievements in a class or group
Suffix- -ian- belonging to/having a certain profession
Immobilized something unable to move
Root word- mobile- to move
Obscure to keep from being seen or noticed.
Root word- obscurus- dark/dim/hard to understand
Infographic a visual representation of information like a diagram or graph.
Root word- graph - write
Unfathomable incapable of being fully understood or believed.
Prefix- un- not
Impulsively Without forethought; on impulse
Suffix -ly- related to; quality of
Morphology The study of the forms of things.
Root word- Morph- form; shape
Infrasonic Sound waves below the frequency that is able to be heard by humans.
Root word- son- sound
Prefix- Infra- below
Vengeful seeking to harm someone in return for a perceived injury
Suffix- ful- full of
Created by: LupaTeach
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