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Vocab Units 7-9

All words for Vocab Unit 7-9+ Part of Speech + Synonyms + Example Sentence

WordPart of SpeechSynonyms / Definition
clobber verb to hit, to bat at, to slap
euphoria noun extreme happiness, elation, glee, joy, jubilation
futile adjective pointless, hopeless, worthless
hubbub noun noise and confusion, commotion, clamor, ruckus
impromptu adjective unrehearsed, unscripted, improvised, spontaneous
irascible adjective short-tempered, crabby, shrewish, cranky
nuisance noun annoyance, bother, exasperation, irritation
quip verb to make a witty remark, to wisecrack, to retort
wryly adverb sarcastically, mockingly, snidely
ambiguous adjective vague, uncertain, puzzling, not clear, cryptic
athwart preposition next to, against, near, beside
bamboozle verb to cheat, to fool, to trick
chastise verb to reprimand, to scold, to admonish
churlish adjective rude, sullen, uncivilized
dank adjective clammy, chilly, musty, damp
maverick noun an independent-minded person, a rebel, individualist, free spirit
perilous adjective dangerous, precarious, hazardous, risky
repugnant adjective unacceptable, bad, distasteful
sacrilegious adjective ungodly, sinful, indecent, unholy
aggrieved adjective disturbed, aggravated, distressed, annoyed, offended, irritated, resentful
faux adjective fake, unreal, false, artificial, imitated
akimbo adverb arms and legs flung out wildly, crooked, angular, jagged
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