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iReady 4th Grade Voc

iReady 4th Grade Vocabulary Practice

accomplish achieve
admire respect
avoid keep away from
bubbly full of energy
bulk large amounts
citizen a legal member of a country
compassion sympathy
complex complicated
concise brief and to the point
contraption device or gadget
curious eager to know or learn something
define explain the meaning of a word
despise hate
dominate rule over by strength or power
explore travel around a new, unknown place to see what it is like
faint dim
feat achievement
flop failure
generous giving
heed pay attention to
hoist raise
humorous funny
liberate set free
limits boundaries
narration telling a story
obey to do what you are told
observe see; notice
opinion belief or view about something
outgoing friendly
outline a brief summary
pleasurable enjoyable
proud pleased with yourself or someone else
pupil student
sincere honest; without pretending
thrill a feeling of joy or excitement
twitch a single, jerky muscular contraction
withdrawn shy, timid
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